Gravit Designer 2019–2.1 is here

The new version of Gravit Designer, 2019–2.1, is here with the full package you already know so well: new features, some improvements, and bugfixes. In this article, we will give a quick overview of the latest additions to our app.

Print on Demand (POD) templates

A feature much requested by our community is now here: templates for Print on Demand services.

They include: Amazon Shirt/Pullover, Amazon Popsocket, Teepublic T-Shirt, Cafepress T-Shirt, and Redbubble T-Shirt, and you can find these templates on the Welcome Screen under “Print on Demand”:

Print on Demand templates on the Welcome Screen

Each template comes with instructions and guidelines to help you, and the Outline layer includes different Shared Styles to help you decide about the final look. Amazon and Redbubble Shirts feature two different templates, that are available from the Pages panel.

Check out this video to learn more:

Sharing designs

From now on you’ll be able to share your Gravit Cloud designs with other Gravit Designer users (and not-yet-users too!) through a direct link.

When you open any of your Gravit Cloud files, you’ll see a Share button on the top-right corner of the toolbar:

Share button on the toolbar

This button opens the Share dialog with multiple options:

Share dialog

Your shareable URL can be copied with one click on the Copy button. The option Allow to Save allows the person you shared the design to save a copy of your file. This also includes downloading, exporting, and copy/paste.
On the other hand, when the option Allow to Inspect is switched off, your design is opened in a “view-only” mode, that doesn’t let the viewer select the individual layers and disables both the Layers Panel and the Inspector. This last option is only available for Gravit Designer PRO users.

If you shared a design before and don’t want to do so anymore you can switch it off with the Sharing is On toggle.

To learn more about this feature, check the following video:

Some improvements

  • Keyboard shortcuts now also work in the Cyrillic keyboard layout.
  • Added some missing translations of non-English languages.
  • Prevented that clicking an element can move it slightly unintentionally.
  • Improved the Help link on the login/signup screen so that it can also be clicked.
  • Unified the file options in the Cloud dialog (FileOpen from Cloud… and Save to Cloud…): When clicking on a design, the context-menu (available from the three dots) and the bottom menu now show the same options.

We hope you like what you are reading — we would love to hear your opinion in the comments or on the social media channels linked below. Please give the changelog a look for all improvements, new features and bug fixes in this release. Gravit Designer 2019–2.1 will be updated automatically or can be downloaded from our website. As always, the app store versions may take a few days until they are available.

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Claudia Driemeyer

Claudia Driemeyer

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