Designer for Chromebook

Graphic design on your Chromebook has never been easier. Install using the Progressive Web App (PWA) directly from the App, Gravit Designer Pro is the professional vector design software for websites, icons, UI design, presentations, or creating cool art with Chrome or on ChromeOS

How to Install a Progressive Web App

Progressive Web App

Use Gravit like a desktop app from your browser as a Progressive Web App (PWA). Install directly from your Chrome browser bar using the (+) icon, or from File > Install Desktop App from within the App.

Drag & Drop

Drag and drop assets directly from ChromeOS onto the Gravit Designer canvas so you can use your own local folder system and design quicker.

Chrome OS open image
Paste images in Chrome OS

ChromeOS Clipboard Integration

Easily copy and past between different apps into Gravit Designer using the OS clipboard.

Link External Images

Any change made to the image outside Gravit Designer will be reflected when the design is opened next time.

Chromebook image editing
Advanced typography and font text

System Fonts

Access all of your ChromeOS installed fonts in Gravit Designer as if they were natively installed.

Unlock your design creativity on Chromebook with Designer