Gravit Designer is a very powerful design tool and everyone know this. But what some people don’t know yet are some hidden features.

In this article i will present some cool stuff that may speed up your design process big time and make Gravit feels more intuitive and makes your workflow more fluid than ever.

Select tool

Ctrl + Click to select objects in the background of another object.

Alt + Move to duplicate the shape.

Hold Alt while selecting to invert the selection mode.

Pen tool

While drawing or moving a shape pressing Ctrl will disable snapping to the grid.

While editing nodes with the pen tool hold Shift to create a point right in the middle of two node segments.

While drawing hold Shift to draw with locked angles.

Hold Alt + Click and hold before create a point to make a disconnected curve.

Click + drag to create a mirrored curve.

Sub-select tool

Right click and hold a node to round it up.

Right click between two node segments and hold to move both of them.

Bezigon tool

Bezigon is the perfect tool to quick make pixel perfect curves, hold Alt in the extreme point of a segment to make a curved node, it will automatic calculate and fix the angles to achieve the possibly best looking result.

Text tool

Type lorem in text box followed by a spacebar key will add a lorem ipsum text.

While having the Transform tool activated you can resize the text itself by dragging. If it is disabled you can resize the actual text box without any changes to the text.

Sometimes we want to replace a font throughout a complex design. There is also a solution for that. Gravit has the select by font type option. Select a text with the font you want to change and then go to top menu Edit > Select by Font Type.

Knife tool

Want to quick make a pizza graphic? Take the knife and use Alt + Click for multiple cut.

Lasso tool

If you need to do some complex node selection the best way to do it is with Lasso tool, is just click and draw the selection and hold shift when clicking to add or remove more nodes.

Freehand tool

You can mix the noise and blur effect or other multiple effects at once to make it looking like a pencil brush. Save it as a style and replicate in a faster way next time you need it.

Layer select tool

A very useful tool that no one knows is the Layer Selection tool. It is made to move and quickly select entire layers and also displays the respective color of each in the selection box but remember the little colors in the layer panel are not only decorative! xD

You can switch quickly to layer selection pressing M and go back to normal selection pressing V.

Fix low contrast gradients

Sometimes when we have a black to grey gradient some banding will apear, to fix it quick add a noise fill over your gradient and control it intensity to achieve the best looking.

Disable Effects

In some very complex illustrations you may experience some performance issues. In order to fix it you can quick press ⌘ or Ctrl+E to disable effects in view mode and speed up your machine’s performance. This is very useful for older machines.

I hope that was helpful and you folks have learned some new today that will help to speed up your design process.

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