Educational Design Licenses

Educational Licenses

Discounted single educational licenses of Gravit Designer PRO are available to the following individuals and organizations:

  • Accredited teachers and school faculty members
  • Full or part-time registered students
  • Academic supervisory organizations
  • Hospitals, libraries, museums, non-profits, charities and/or religious organizations

If you have an .edu or .org email address, check your email for a special purchase link or contact us with proof of eligibility in the form of a student/employee card and/or relevant documentation from a qualifying institution.

The Educational License is a fully-functional license Gravit Designer PRO for a discounted rate of $19 USD per year for as long as the subscription is maintained.


Classroom and School Licenses

For educators interested in bringing Gravit Designer into their classroom, we offer special pricing for multiple licenses. We have partnered with schools and educational institutions from around the world to provide low-cost access to professional vector design software. Please contact us for pricing specific to your needs and include the number of students/licenses you require.

Redeeming Classroom Licenses

Once the order is complete, you will receive a .csv or excel file with a list of all coupon codes that can be redeemed in the App under the Help Menu. Each user requires their own separate license and will need to create their own accounts to redeem their code and become a Gravit Designer PRO subscriber.

These codes can be redeemed only once and they last for 365 days. The license is restricted to a single user, but you can transfer the account to another student if needed. You can change the user’s email in the account here: – make sure you are logged into the account you wish to change. There is no bulk process for this. It has to be done manually in each account.

After 1 year, all activated licenses will automatically expire and you will need to contact us again for new codes. Unfortunately, this process is not automatic. 

Payment Options

We accept credit cards and Paypal through our payment provider, CleverBridge upon checkout. Unfortunately, we do not accept Purchase Orders (POs) at this time.

If you have any questions about payment methods, W-9 Forms, invoices, or any other kind of questions related to payment, subscriptions, or taxes, please contact our payment provider CleverBridge using this link:


As Gravit Designer is a product of Corel, questions about COPPA or any other kind of student privacy agreement should be directed to


Education FAQs

Will Gravit Designer work on Chromebooks?

Yes, Gravit Designer works across most platforms using your web browser, as a Progressive Web App, or using a desktop version you can download. We also have desktop versions for Windows 10, Linux, macOS, and ChromeOS on our Download page.

Can I use Gravit Designer for Free?

Yes, Gravit Designer is a powerful free design app and can be used by anyone! Just create an account here: Access to PRO features requires a paid subscription.

How much does Gravit Designer PRO cost?

Education licenses for PRO start at $19 USD a year for individuals. Please contact us for classroom and school pricing for multiple licenses.

What do I need to provide for an Education License?

If you have an .edu or .org email address, check your email for a special purchase link after creating an account or contact us with proof of eligibility in the form of a student/employee card and/or relevant documentation from a qualifying institution. This can be scan of your ID, contract, paystub, or any official document that proves that you work for that institution.

How does the Education License differ from a PRO License?

They are the same! The Education license is a fully-functional PRO version of Gravit Designer with no restrictions.

Can I use an iPad or tablet to work with Gravit Designer?

Officially, we don’t have touch support yet (it is being developed) but if your tablet can use a mouse and a keyboard (latest IOS versions, for example) it would work with the web version while using the chrome browser.

How can I help students set up and manage their accounts?

Each user must create and set up their own account at this time. We don’t currently have a way to admin more than one user at this time, if you need to assist your students, we suggest using a free tool like Teamviewer.

How do I request a quote for my school?

We do not provide formal quotes or invoices, but we can provide your order total in a cart to print and complete your purchase. Please contact us for pricing and your customized purchase cart.

I have purchased my licenses but have not received my codes.

Please contact us and provide the reference (order) number you received in your order confirmation email from CleverBridge.

Can I share my license with other teachers or students?

No, licenses are for single use only.