Gravit Designer 3.0.5 is here

Dark and light themes, mass murder of bugs and much more!

A new update for Gravit Designer is here, fresh from the oven and, as always, we listen to what our users want and bring you the best (and getting better every day) free vector tool you can find out there.

Now we bring you the so long awaited dark and light themes, even more features, an improved UI, more stability, many bugs fixed and much much more:

Dark and Light themes

The purple UI is our unique trademark and it will remain the same, but as not everyone likes the same stuff (life would be boring if that was the case, right?) and many of you guys asked, we now offer the options of the dark and the light UI. Everything is exactly the same, awesome as always, but you can now choose which theme pleases your eyes more. *and the crowd goes insane*

Opening files from on the new Designer

The old Gravit Designer website,, is still there and working (though it won’t be updated anymore), but since it only runs online only, you can’t save your files locally, as you guys know. This means you can’t open your work from on directly. Yet! Despair no more, people! We are working super hard on creating a brand new Cloud Platform, so you will be able to open all your old designs on the new version of Gravit Designer easy peasy.

Copy&Paste text support for third party apps

Remember those sad days when you tried to copy some text you wrote in Gravit Designer to somewhere else, like other apps, and you would get a huge amount of weird code instead of your text? Well, rejoice, because now that is going to work! Now you can copy text from Gravit Designer and paste it in any other app.

Selecting objects by color

Now when you have lots and lots of objects on your file and you need to select all the ones with the same color, instead of doing that by clicking one by one, you have an easier way. Just add the color of the objects you want select to Swatches, press ALT an then click. There you go, all objects of the same color selected. One more point to practicality.

Frequently used colors

This awesome feature automatically detects the colors being used in your current document and orders them by the frequency that they are being used. Once again, Gravit Designer making your life easier.

Improved web fonts

No more random searching: now the fonts are listed alphabetically and it will be a lot easier to find the fonts you want. You can also now resize the height of your text box, and this allows you to clip the text inside the box.

PDF and SVG export optimizations

Our PDF and SVG exporting system is already one of a kind, and now with some more optimization and bug fixes, it’s more genius than before! Now, when using our multiple pages feature, you can export your PDF and SVG documents in separate pages. Also, shapes with borders will no longer show as two different shapes on the code, which will make your file size a lot smaller.

Windows Store, Portable version and 32bits

After some issues (and by “some” I mean a lot), Gravit Designer is finally available for download on Windows Store, so go check it out! After some requests we also have now the 32bits version of the app for download, and even a portable version so you can take the app with you wherever you go. We are ready to conquer the world, guys.

That’s it for this update! But keep in mind, we are always working hard to bring you even more cool stuff, so stay tuned for more news.

If you like Gravit Designer, we’d love it if you could take a moment and give it a nice review. Gravit Designer is the only pro design software that will be forever free. We want to keep it that way and add even more awesome features, and you can help by posting ratings and reviews.

Thank you and see you on the next article!

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Claudia Driemeyer

Claudia Driemeyer

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