Gravit Designer PRO and the road ahead

With the recent release of version 3.5, the Gravit team has delivered significant performance improvements, making Gravit Designer an even better design tool for web-native generation. And Christian pointed out in his recent post about the road ahead, there’s a lot more coming soon based on your feedback.

In parallel to delivering a significant new release, the team has started to roll out the previously announced Gravit Designer PRO. You have our commitment that we plan to maintain and enhance both the free and PRO versions going forward (as you’ll see with the impressive performance improvements we’ve just introduced in the 3.5 free version). At the same time, our expanded offerings will enable us to take the product line forward with more advanced tools and features. As we give our Gravit Designer users a choice between free or subscription — we know it’s our job to deliver significant value and power in Pro. You’ll have the choice to move to the free version instead of renewing your subscription based on what you find best suits your needs.

We’re progressively rolling out the PRO version now, starting with existing users in specific geographies. This step-by-step approach enables us to iterate at every point and adjust the offering based on your feedback. We are also making sure to provide our most loyal users with an exceptional offer before we expand the availability of the Pro version to a broader audience. This offer for loyal users will apply for all future renewals, not only the first year, for as long as you keep your subscription active.

And of course, as we expand the availability of the Pro offering to a broader number of Gravit Designer users, we will announce many more details about the differences between both versions. Please stay tuned.

In summary, our goal is to provide a fantastic product experience for the occasional graphic designer with the free version of Gravit Designer, while at the same time introducing a new PRO version to expand our functionality with more advanced features for professionals and enthusiasts alike. With this focus, some of the features previously available in the free version, such as CMYK support or off-line mode, have transitioned to the PRO version. As we make these changes, we’re carefully considering the needs of our different users and how much they use a specific functionality. We’ve created a page with more details regarding the differences between Free and PRO. This deeper understanding of all our users’ needs also means that we will continue to enhance and improve the Free version. You can rest assured that it won’t be left behind.

If you’re looking to evaluate which version is best for you, we’ll have a free trial of the PRO version available before you subscribe. If this sounds like the product for you, we hope you’ll check it out.

We are excited about the future of Gravit Designer and the unique and compelling power it gives web-native users to create stunning visual communication and fine art. With our new PRO version, we will accelerate the development of the entire Gravit Designer product line, based on all our customers’ feedback and needs.

Happy Designing.


Update (November 14, 2018): We have now posted an F.A.Q. document with more answers to your questions about the introduction of the PRO version of Gravit Designer.

Update (December 4, 2018): Thank you all for your valuable and sometimes passionate feedback. I wanted to let you know that the latest Free version can now export PDFs at 150dpi, and for those using the desktop version of Gravit, you can now use fonts from the computer. In addition, as a special thank you for the Gravit artists who have been with the product for a long time, everyone who has created an account before mid-October will now have access to following features in the Free version: Offline mode, full export dialog, color swatches, CMYK colors, custom fonts upload, Bezigon tool, and 2GB of Cloud storage. Thank you again for your being a long-term Gravit Designer user!

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Gerard Metrailler

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