Welcome to the Gravit Cloud

Our primary focus with Gravit Designer 3.1 was the integration of the old Gravit.io accounts into the new Gravit Designer. Our brand new Gravit Cloud allows you to log in with your existing credentials, including your previous designs. Rest assured that nothing is lost and you can keep working on your files seamlessly.

The brand new welcome screen.

To get started choose “Open Gravit Cloud files” from our renewed start screen. Now you are presented with a list of your designs. Organize your files into folders here, change the sorting in the top-right corner or delete a design.

All of your designs, saved in the Gravit Cloud.

In case you have some designs lying around on your hard-drive you can also bring them into the Gravit Cloud with “Open local file.” Once finished loading, choose “Save to Cloud…” from “File” in the menu bar. There you also have the familiar options to open some existing files from your hard-drive (“Open file…”) or from the Cloud (“Open from Cloud…”), or create an entirely new one (“New design…”)

Even with all the Gravit Cloud functionality, you can still save your design locally by hitting “Save to file…”. However, if you decide later on that it might be in good hands in the Cloud, you have the button “Enable Sync” in the inspector, and later on, the “Cloud Syncronization” switch. If you turn this option on, a purple icon next to the file name in the top-right shows that it’s being synced.

You can set whether your design should be synced to the Cloud or not.

To be able to turn off this syncing for local files that were saved to the Cloud afterwards, you need to save it locally again. Synching also happens automatically for Cloud files that you download from “Download File…”

The Gravit Cloud is even smart enough to detect if the opened file is the latest version and asks what you want to do in this case.

Choose which version to use.

These are not the only innovations you will find with the latest release, so let me introduce you to the other options in our new splash screen (access it again with Ctrl/Cmd + N or “File → New design…”). Getting started in Gravit Designer is now easier than ever. With the new design templates, from useful categories like Presentation, Poster or Blog Graphic, you can create awesome designs in no time.

We hope that this article gave you a helpful insight into the latest developments of our app. If you have more questions on top of that, you can always reach us on Twitter or Facebook, or leave a post in our discussion board.

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