Design on Touchscreen Devices

Background on touch technology in Design 

Touch is the most widely used technology to build new solutions today, and of course, we at Gravit Designer would not miss this. Touch technology has been gaining so much importance that some new apps are released exclusively for mobile devices, not even going through the Web first. 

A touchscreen is, by definition, an electronic visual display that can be controlled by touching the screen with one or more fingers, allowing a much bigger interaction with the app if compared to traditional input devices (mouse and keyboard). The idea for this tech comes from the early days of computing, and the tendency is that touchscreens continue being developed even more, along with other technologies that allow a fluid user interaction such as voice or face recognition. 

Recent devices and programs have developed multi-touch technology, which allows the interaction with a display using different gestures beyond just single touch (the equivalent to a click of the mouse).

Touchscreens help a great deal with increasing productivity, considering how much it makes the interaction between user and app practical, fast, and intuitive. Not to mention eliminating the need for a mouse and keyboard, reducing device size and convenience making it more portable and easier to carry around. This is valid not only for designers and illustrators but for web designers and front-end developers as well, since it makes the inspection of elements easier. Even business owners and entrepreneurs have their eyes fixed on touch tech – notably when you have the world’s industry leaders in medical healthcare, telecommunications, banking, industrial, and many more benefiting from the solutions provided by touch screen manufacturers. 

Gravit Designer’s Touchscreen Enabled Design  

With the latest release, you can experience Gravit Designer PRO entirely adapted for touch devices and move and design seamlessly from Mobile or touch-screen tablets and your laptop or desktop computer. Bring illustrations to life directly from a stylus or your own finger, converting them directly into digital vector designs. For design on the go, you are now able to use the native touch features in your tablet or mobile device. Complete vector-based graphic design on your Microsoft Surface, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and more! The Touch interface is also compatible with a stylus and pen devices like Apple Pencil.

The gestures are standard for using touch – pinch to zoom in or out, drag with two fingers to pan around the canvas, and tap-and-hold (also known as long-press) for contextual menus: 

Touch gestures for design

On this version, the main menus are located at the top-left on a “hamburger-menu”. There you can find all the options for File, Edit, Modify, View and Help, with their respective submenus. The user profile picture and all account options are also located here: 

Touch hamburger menu

The toolbar is simplified showing the most essential tools and their sub-menus, while some options like Flip and Rotate are available on the Modify menu.  

All touchscreen menu items

Options such as Group, Ungroup and Arrange were moved to the Assistant Bar, located at the at the bottom of the canvas. There you can also find the modifier keys Shift, Ctrl and Alt, along with other functionalities as Copy/Paste, Delete, Convert to Path, Fullscreen mode and Nudge controls. The “?” icon shows help screens in case you need it: 

The Assistant bar appears hidden by default and you can bring it up by pressing the arrow at the top-left: 

Touchscreen menu bar

Left and right panels appear closed by default, and their icons are all located right below the toolbar. You just need a single touch to open or close them. As on the web version of Gravit Designer, different panels are shown whether you have an element selected on the canvas or not: if nothing is selected, you will see the icons to open either the Document or the Comments panels. If an element is selected, all the other panel options will be shown: 

All touch menu items

On this video you can check how opening the panels works.

Check our User Guide page to learn more details about the Touch interface.

For design on the go, you are now able to use the native touch features in your tablet or mobile device. Vector-based graphic design on your Microsoft Surface, iPad, Samsung Galaxy tablet, and more! Come and check the new feature trailer on our YouTube channel.

We are constantly improving our Touch-based design features as well as the Gravit Designer app overall, to see our full overview of new features and improvements to date, check out our Gravit Designer changelog

The Touch version is a feature available exclusively for Gravit Designer PRO users. 

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