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Frequently Asked Questions

When logging in or signing up for a new Gravit account, everybody is entering into the trial version of Gravit Designer PRO. This allows you to try all the PRO features for 15. You can see how many days are left in your trial in the yellow countdown banner on the bottom-right. 

After the trial is over you transition into Gravit Designer, our free version. The PRO features are not available in Gravit Designer. Please see the comparison table below. You can use Gravit Designer for as long as you want without any costs. If you want to keep using the PRO features after the trial expires, you need to buy a subscription. 

There’s no need to activate your PRO version. After you purchase a subscription, you will automatically be using the PRO version and have access to all of the PRO features. You’ll know your subscription has been successfully activated when you see Gravit Designer PRO on the welcome screen (“Help → Show welcome screen” in the menu bar), but don’t see the yellow countdown banner on the bottom-right. Please refer to this screenshot. When you see both, you are still in the trial period. 

Your PRO trial will automatically change to the free version of Gravit Designer without any costs after the trial period is over. If you still want to cancel the trial, you need to delete your user account. Please have a look at this video. 

Please reach out to the Cleverbridge support team, they can help you update your details. 

Definitely! We believe in the power of design and how it can transform the world. In this sense, we would love to support you in your efforts. Please contact our support team and include a link to your portfolio. Even if you don’t have a portfolio yet we’d love to hear from you! 

PRO subscribers can use the application without an active internet connection. However, every fifteen days it checks to see if you have an active subscription, and you need to connect to the internet for that. 

Even if you are using free Gravit Designer you don’t need to worry about a loss of your internet connection. In this case, you can still download your files as a backup.  

Yes, the desktop applications on all systems are available to all users. The only limitation is that they can’t be used offline. For that, a Gravit Designer PRO subscription is necessary.  

When you are close to consuming 500 MB you will get a notification that lets you delete old files. As soon as you have used all your available space you can’t save any new designs until you delete old files and fall below the limit. 

They won’t be deleted. If you have used more than the 500 MB, you will only be able to save to the Cloud again once you delete files and fall below the limit.  

This article gives you a detailed description of how this works. PRO subscribers have access to up to 20 past versions of their files available.  

In Gravit Designer, you only have access to basic features of symbols, which means you can set up a symbol and create instances of it – but you can’t modify these instances. In Gravit Designer PRO you can modify these for ultimate flexibility. Another feature only available in PRO is the ability to nest symbols into symbols, letting you create a symbol for the toolbar of a mobile UI for example, and in this instance nest all the icons, which themselves are symbols again. You can read more about symbols in this article. 

In Gravit Designer PRO, you have File → Export → Export… in the menu bar, which shows the export dialog where you have advanced options, such as the ability to define the size of elements (up to 300dpi or @2x for example), set the background color or have advanced web development options like the ability to retain attributes and add IDs. These options are only available in Gravit Designer PRO. In the free version you can export to all file formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG) with default options. 

Yes, you can use it for as long as you want, no matter if you use it for private or commercial projects. This also includes the assets you find in Gravit Designer (web fonts, libraries, and templates). Have fun!  

Gravit Designer runs best on 

  • Operating systems Windows 10 or later, macOS Catalina or later, Linux and Chrome OS 
  • Chrome v8 engine version 7.2.502 or later 
  • Online version (web app): Chrome or Firefox are recommended on desktop computers, Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android 
  • Desktop computers with 2 GB RAM and a CPU with 2.2 GHz 
  • Tablets: iPad 6th generation (2018) or later, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 or later, or devices with a similar performance 
  • Smartphones are not currently supported 

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