Gravit Designer 2020–1.3 is here!

Touchscreen Design

The newest version of Gravit Designer, 2020-1.3, is fresh out of the oven and filled with great (and much-awaited) new features, besides big improvements and lots of bug fixes! Read on to know the highlights of this incredible update.  Touchscreen version  This is a feature that’s been much requested since Gravit Designer’s first years of existence, and yes, now it’s here: you can experience […]

Real-Time Design Collaboration

real-time design collaboration

The Gravit Designer team proudly presents the new feature that is a perfect fit for teams and sharing your design work: Real-Time Collaboration.  Collaboration workflow  With this new feature, you and your team-mates can collaborate on design files, leaving comments and annotations on your work in real-time using the new Comments panel, located next to the Inspector panel on the right side of the UI.  After your file is saved to the Gravit Cloud, you […]

Gravit Designer harnesses PWA technology for Vector Design

Progressive Web Application

Web technologies are advancing at a fast pace in the last few years. One of those technologies gaining major traction are the Progressive Web Apps (also known as PWA). While the PWAs have been around for a while (Google engineers Alex Russel and Frances Berriman introduced the term back in 2015), and the time for […]

Gravit Designer 2019–2.1 is here

The new version of Gravit Designer, 2019–2.1, is here with the full package you already know so well: new features, some improvements, and bugfixes. In this article, we will give a quick overview of the latest additions to our app. Print on Demand (POD) templates A feature much requested by our community is now here: templates […]

Gravit Designer’s January release is here

2019 is still fresh, so we’d like to celebrate the new year with a new version of Gravit Designer. We’ve put special emphasis on internationalization and some long overdue additions and optimizations in this regard. We’ve also revamped the Cloud dialog and added a bunch of new controls for text layers in the Inspector. Please […]

Gravit Designer PRO and the road ahead

With the recent release of version 3.5, the Gravit team has delivered significant performance improvements, making Gravit Designer an even better design tool for web-native generation. And Christian pointed out in his recent post about the road ahead, there’s a lot more coming soon based on your feedback. In parallel to delivering a significant new release, […]

The Need for Speed: Gravit Designer 3.5 is here

A considerable amount of requests we got in the past was about performance. Depending on the type of design you worked on, it could be quick as lightning or “slightly slower.” We definitely heard you here, so we carved out a considerable amount from our usual work schedule and improved our rendering engine. We dissected, […]

Looking ahead for Gravit Designer

As we have announced here a few weeks back, we were recently welcomed to the Corel family. The whole team is super excited about the future and all the opportunities this presents to Gravit Designer. We can now bring the app to its next phase in life and expand in directions where we’ve wanted to […]