How to create an isometric illustration

Isometric Graphic Illustration

Among the many styles of illustration, isometric illustrations have been standing out a lot these last few years for the uniqueness it can bring to a composition.  Isometric illustration, or isometric projection, is a technique that is intended to produce illusion of depth and perspective without distorting the object’s main dimensions. It’s a projection in […]

How to cut out the background of a photo

Remove Background Image

While creating collages, social media posts, product designs and pretty much in any kind of digital creation, we often need to remove the background of an image or remove just a part of it.  If you’re working with Gravit Designer, you don’t need to resort to a pixel editing software to do that.  In this […]

How to design a seamless pattern

Design a Seamless Pattern

A seamless pattern is an image that can be placed side-by-side with copies of itself without any visible seams or interruptions on the content, so you can repeat this image and create a pattern that can go on infinitely to create unique backgrounds, text effects or brand elements. Seamless patterns can be used in pretty […]

Photo Manipulation – Create Your Own Images

Did you know that you can use Gravit Designer not only to design icons and illustrations, but also to edit your photos and even to create photo manipulations? If you didn’t know yet, this is your chance to learn more about it! In this article we will show you how to remove backgrounds and manipulate […]

3 Unexpected Things You Can Do With a Slice Tool

In today’s design tool tutorial, you will learn how to use a Slice Tool. I will guide you through the step-by-step process of the creation of the slice for export, I will explain how to adjust the background, size, and position of the slice to suit your needs. Then I am going to show you […]

How to Design a Chevron Pattern

Patterns have gone in and out of fashion for centuries, and arguably they never really disappear. The fascination they exert on human beings by their almost hypnotic beauty has never faltered. Kolbrand pen pattern — Practically every designer has a natural tendency to create a pattern in almost every work. Some have opted for simplicity, others […]

Learn How to Create a Neon Sign Effect

Bold colors are one of the strongest design trends of 2018, and this is where the neon effect surely comes in. Whether you want to add a pop-culture-vibes touch to your work or simply experiment, this trend is surely fun to work with. In this tutorial, we will show an easy way to create this effect […]

How To Create a Duotone Cutout Poster

Among the many design trends showing up in 2018, Duotone and bold colors make an excellent mix for any work to stand out. This trend, which consists of two halftones contrasting over an image, made its comeback thanks to Spotify’s dashing brand identity. The trend was brought back by Spotify. In this tutorial, you’ll find out […]