What is a Vector file?

What is a Vector

While working with digital files, you probably come across terms like “bitmap”, “EPS”, SVG” or “Vector” a lot. Often one of the first things a designer does when starting a new project is to request a vector file of the client’s logo. “Well, why can’t the designer just get the logo from my website or use the image […]

How to Vectorize an Image

vector image vs bitmap

What is a vector and how is it different from other image types? Vector images are path-based mathematical equations which allow unlimited resizing without degradation of image quality, or to put it simply, the image remains smooth without pixelation or jagged edges. > Find out what makes up a vector file and how to create […]

How to create a vector portrait

Make a vector portrait

Transforming a beautiful portrait into a vector illustration is a fun task that doesn’t require outstanding drawing skills and can give you a great final piece of design. It does, however, require a good amount of time and patience. In this tutorial we will shed some light on how to create a vector portrait based […]

Vector Art – Turn Drawings into Digital Illustrations

Pixel based illustration, the most traditional digital art we can find on the internet, can give you a certain freedom when it comes to strokes and colors, but it has its limitations. You need to create a huge canvas with a high resolution if you want to print or use it in a larger size, […]