How to Make a Banner: The Ultimate Guide to Banners

One thing you should aim to achieve when creating a banner is to make sure it stands out from the crowd. Whether you are making a banner for a special occasion or an event, always make it attractive. You can create stunning banners using the appropriate design software. Here is a guide on how to make a banner.

What is a banner?

A banner is printed on a large format printing machine and the most common material used is PVC. You can print banners of any size. Most banners are made of vinyl since it is portable and versatile. There are also plastic banners commonly used for trade shows, table banners, signboards and banner stands. Banners are an excellent way for businesses to advertise their products. Banners are popular and give a good ROI. A banner is a strip of cloth that you hang in a public place. They are considered large pieces of art and you can easily see the banners from a distance. Banners are used to convey a message or slogan or show off a company logo.

How to create a banner

Here are the steps you need to make your own banner.

Determine the purpose

The first step in how to make a banner is to determine the message you want to display. Will you use your banner as a decoration to display your company logo? Once you know your banner’s purpose, it becomes easier to choose other elements.

Determine the size

When creating your banner, make sure it is large enough to show the design from a distance. It should also be small enough to fit into the intended space. If possible, measure the space to get the perfect fit.

Choose the banner maker software

You’ll need software to create your banner. If you are creating a larger banner, make sure the details show up early. Look for software with basic templates to help you in the design process. Gravit Designer is a tool that allows people with different experiences to create stunning designs. Startups can use the tool to create a personalized banner for promotions of a business. Gravit Designer allows you to design and edit with ease. You can use Gravit Designer to create promotional content, banners, and ready-made designs.

Design the banner

When designing your banner, start by choosing the background color. Are you looking forward to having your banner stand out from the background? If that is the case, then you should use a brighter color that will be in contrast with the room you’ll put it in. Choose an appropriate color to ensure your logo and text stand out.

Choose the images you want on your banner. Make sure the images are balanced. You can also put your logo on one side of your banner. Your banner can also have pictures of your team or products.

The final step is adding the text. The text color should be visible from far. You can test your printer to make sure your chosen color looks as good on fabric as it does on the screen.


You can design banners to use in storefront branding, advertisements, standing banners, wayfinding signage, and much more. Once you are done creating your banner, it is time to print it and you can send it to a professional printer. Use a professional printing company to print your banner. Give them the design ahead of time to ensure you get the exact image you want.


Now you know how to create a banner. You can use Gravit Designer to create stunning banners. Get started by making amazing banners to display for your event, or to promote your products.

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