AI: The Ultimate Guide to AI File Formats

In the world of prominent graphic file extensions, an AI file is a classic. Its adjustability and versatility define it as an outstanding image type for business. It provides users with more than enough capabilities to revise even the most challenging tasks. Explore what it entails and how you can open it in this post.

What are AI files?

You will be factually incorrect if you assumed an AI file refers to the Artificial Intelligence folder. This is a folder with the Adobe Illustrator tag. Adobe Systems designed this as a graphical file type primarily for storing vector-based graphics on a particular page. Vector files, unlike raster files built of pixels, cannot lose quality if stretched. Since they are based on a sophisticated graph-like algorithm, you may expand them indefinitely.

With AI files, you can render illustration designs, emblems, and drawings in incredible resolution, and most designers and artists choose them because of their tiny file sizes plus simple scaling. They are likewise easily flexible, enabling layering and openness in ways that other file formats do not.

You need Adobe Illustrator to establish, revise, and save an AI file since it is in a unique Adobe file format. However, you may view AI files using a range of third-party tools, although you cannot edit them.

Are AI files dangerous?

One of the worst outcomes that may arise is for your confidentiality to be exploited against your consent by others. This can occur if you do not safeguard your machine using antivirus software and do not arm yourself with the requisite knowledge regarding file extensions.

Everyone uses email, from small businesses to large corporations, to perform their everyday business operations. It is a vehicle for the spread of malware and other destructive programs. As files, they disseminate these little programs to thousands of users on the Internet.

DOC, EXE, VBS, COM, XLS, and BAT are all dangerous file extensions that can seriously harm computer servers. Nevertheless, not all programs that have these extensions are harmful. There are file extensions available to detect programs that can cause your system to crash.

How to open AI files

Adobe Illustrator is often the sole program that can open and edit AI files.

To open on Windows, you must switch your AI file format to PDF. Select the file and press the F2 button on the keyboard. If compelled, insert PDF to the end of the filename and approve the edit. Double-click the folder to load it into your preferred PDF reader.

Open your AI file using Preview if you are using Mac only, or send it directly to a Cloud Service such as Google Drive if you wish to browse your file without modifying it.

Should you wish to tweak your AI file, go for Gravit Designer, which is a free solution. However, you need to change your AI file into a standard format, such as SVG, before using Gravit Designer or equivalent free tools.


Gravit Designer is a fantastic Illustrator substitute. As a cloud-based application, it allows you to open and manipulate AI digital files across Linux, Mac, Chrome OS, and Windows, as well as straight from your browser.

When working with AI files, you must first format them into SVG format, as described above, and simply slide your file into the Gravit Designer panel to launch it. It merges all sections of the image into a single layer, as is common, although you can alter them separately.

This platform’s interface is very contemporary and user-friendly, making your working with vector graphics relatively approachable, although it has a great deal of power. It is incredibly beneficial for logos, images, and emblems, and the annual membership unlocks more capabilities. Try it today!

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