How to Make a Flyer: The Ultimate Guide to Flyers

Flyers have great value when it comes to advertising your business or event. Businesses looking to add new customers more so locally benefit immensely from flyers.  If you are wondering how best to promote your business ad campaign or how you could enhance your business ad campaign, a flyer comes in handy. You can captivate your targeted audience and effectively create customer interest in a tangible and personal way through flyer distribution and flyer marketing.

What is a flyer?

A flyer is a single sheet or a poster that is posted or distributed in public places to bring attention to a product, service, business promotion, or event. A flyer can also be handed out or sent through the post. A flyer message is simple and eye-catching and can be used by anyone from individuals, small and big businesses, to governments to advertise, promote, or recruit.

Flyers are a low-cost and effective marketing and communication strategy since they require only basic printing techniques to print. Flyers can be used to:

  • Promote businesses and their services, such as discount stores, nail and massage parlors, and restaurants
  • Recruit new members for charities, companies, or organizations
  • Advertise events like music concerts, festivals, and rallies
  • Persuade people to be involved in political campaigns or vote for a particular political party

Different types of flyers

There are numerous types of flyers with each one of them made to serve a specific marketing purpose. Whether you create a flyer to announce sales or special promotions or you want to make your flyer to market an event such as a music concert, there is always a flyer to suit your unique expectations. Here is a quick round-up of the most common types of flyers:

  • Hanging marketing flyers: These are flyers printed with a hole to allow them to hang on door locks. The advertiser’s message is written on the door hanger and placed on the doorknob. Hanging marketing flyers are an unconventional marketing strategy as the targeted audience doesn’t anticipate seeing an ad on their doorknob. This surprise event causes a cognitive stimulus in consumers which boosts the message assimilation, making the message memorable.
  • Corporate flyers: Corporate flyers utilize lots of information in a neat manner incorporating the company logo, image of the product or service, as well as contact information, thus creating awareness about a brand in a way that is concise and easy to understand.
  • Photo-centric flyers: Photo-centric flyers utilize bright color schemes that are integral for networking events, since color tones enhance capturing the attention of audiences. By looking at the flyers, people know what to expect about the event.
  • Leaflets: Leaflets are cheap to make and easy to distribute and reach a variety of audiences, making them more preferable for many businesses.
  • Pamphlets: Pamphlets are especially effective for companies bent on creating awareness about their specific brand. They are cost-friendly since they can be made using ordinary paper.

How to make a flyer

To design a flyer on Gravit Designer:

  1. Start by creating a new document
  2. Choose your color scheme
  3. Type in the message you want
  4. Choose your font type
  5. Put your logo in
  6. Choose your sizing
  7. Save and print your flyer


Enhancing a business image and appealing to the masses is a dream for every business, whether small or big. Finding a cost-effective way to do it is a stroke of genius; flyers are great for any business willing to enhance its market share since they reach a lot of people in a very short time. Using Gravit Designer to make your flyers is easy and cost-friendly. Our cutting-edge technology makes it easy and interesting for you to design flyers. Get Gravit Designer PRO today to get started.

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