What is Graphic Design: The Ultimate Guide to Graphic Design

Visual communication is an essential aspect of life. Imagine a world of communication without illustrations in pictures and colors. Passing messages in such a world would have been difficult as messages would be interpreted differently; recipients would not visualize the information as intended by the source. Graphic design has brought a profound impact on our lives. You can imagine an idea, produce the same and communicate the idea precisely as you intended.

This piece is an overview of what graphic design entails. Our product page also provides unique visual features and software for your exploration.

What is graphic design?

Graphic design is arranging and delivering visual and textual content to convey information. It is the visual representation of specific concepts or messages. These messages can be from simple presentations such as designing posters and business cards to more complicated ones like designing layouts on website pages.

In simple terms, graphic design uses typography, photography, and illustration pictures to optimize the user experience. It is a craft like any other, and as a designer, you have to be good at it and have the right tools to meet your clients’ specific needs.

Different types of graphic design

There are several types of graphic design that a designer needs to master to meet clients’ needs. The most basic ones include:

1. Visual identity design

Think of any significant popular business ventures, popular political parties, or your sports teams; can you easily identify them based on your memorization of their logos or colors? That is the purpose of visual identity design. Designers need to create a unique visual identity design that instills a lasting connection between an organization’s clients or targeted market. Visual identity graphic design makes features like logo color palettes that will represent a brand’s personality.

2. Marketing design

Businesses rely on marketing and advertisement for their success and growth. Proper marketing and advertising style or symbol should capture the target audience’s attention by quickly directing what the business is selling. Marketing graphic design specializes in a specific type of design to pass an advertisement message. Examples of marketing designs include banners, flyers, newspaper ads, etc.

3.   Publication design

This is a classic type of graphic design where designers, with the help of editors, specialize in coming with different layouts for a publication. This type of designing entails carefully selecting the type of photography, artwork, typography, and graphics that suit a specific publication type. For example, publication designs for beauty magazines have to be different from philosophical books as they target different audiences.

4. User Interface (UI) design

User Interface is the interaction between a person and computer software or a website. UI designing comes up with interfaces that make it easier for a person to use a website or software. It involves creating user-friendly on-screen elements like menus and buttons to navigate a website easily. Common UI design examples are application designs, web page designs, theme designs, etc.

5. Motion design

Motion designing is a form of graphic design where designers develop motion graphics using some principles of filmmaking. Motion designing involves using effects animations, audios, and images that are used in films. Demand for motion designing is high as many businesses prefer motion graphics on their online platforms. Movie trailers, projections, and LED advertising walls are examples of online advertising.

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Technology in graphic design advances day by day, thus you’ll need to keep up with the latest trends and new types of emerging graphic designs.

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