Did you know that you can edit your photography and images on a vector tool? I mean, not EVERY vector tools… but in Gravit Designer, hell yeah, you can.

We often use graphic files in our designs that require some touch up or some kind of improvement. Instead of using two separate softwares, one to edit images and another one to create your design, Gravit Designer allows you to do it all right at your fingertips and then get right back to your vectorizing business.

That’s where our effects come in handy — be it a color touch up, lightning adjustments, distortion, or blur… you don’t need to resort to any other tool. You can do just everything inside Gravit Designer.


Subselect tool in action

No need to use clipping, the knife tool or some other boolean operation to adjust your image to the size you need. The Subselect tool allows you to resize and shape by simply dragging borders or corners. You can even make the corners of your image rounded without switching to another tool.


With Adjust and Artistic Effects, you can easily achieve all those color and light looks that all the cool kids are using, I mean, you can easily achieve professional-level editing looks. No, but seriously. There is an infinite amount of possibilities of what you can do combining the multiple effects we have.

It goes from simple Color Adjusts and Color Gradings to Sepia, four different kind of blurs, distortions, shadows and many more.

To edit this picture, I used the effects Color Adjust, Overlay, Noise and Vibrance

You can even add your beloved filters, like on Instagram — they are the Color Gradings. We have some preset ones, but you can also load your own ACV files.

To edit this picture, I used the “Nashvile” color grading

Besides Effects, another effective way to play with colors and light are the Blending Modes and the Background fill.

Examples of how Background Fill and Blur can be used to give a unique touch to images

This is a practical example of how much editing an image can improve your design. On the left in the unedited picture, and on the right is the edited version used on an example music app, using Effects and Blending modes. Some quick clicks on the Effects menu can make a huge difference.

And this is a little of how much Gravit Designer can help you with image editing, intuitively and saving you a lot of time as always.

If you liked this article, stay tuned because there is more Gravit Designer awesomeness coming soon! 😀

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