Everyone needs them at some point — be it at school, college or even at work: Presentations. But then you find yourself in a pickle, because the specific applications (ahem, Powerpoint or Keynote) are either too complicated, or they are so simplified, that you can barely add text and images and that’s it, with no customization at all.

Wouldn’t it be much easier to use a free and intuitive tool, which allows you to create everything from scratch, exactly the way you want, then use this specific tool itself to present your slides, right? Yes, of course I am talking about Gravit Designer here.

So let’s go on and take a look at how to use Gravit Designer to create a presentation.

Setting your document

You can choose whatever size that fits your needs, but if you want to use Gravit Designer to present the slides and fill your screen, set your document dimensions to the same resolution as your screen. I will choose 1440 x 900 pixels to fit my screen.

Setting the document with custom dimensions of 1440 x 900 pixels.

Creating your slides

Now it’s time to go for the tools and produce your slides. I will create some kind of a travel guide of New Zealand for my presentation. I chose this picture from unsplash.io; first I will compress it, as it’s very heavy and I don’t want it to slow down Gravit Designer. You can check here how to do that.

After dragging my compressed image from the desktop to the canvas, I resized it to fit my screen by setting the same height of the page on it’s properties.

Then, to give a nice color effect to the picture, I added a rectangle over it, chose a blue shade (#073BB5), set the Blending mode to Lighten and the Opacity to 35% on the Appearance menu, on the right panel.

Image with blending mode applied to a rectangle on top of it.

For the title of my presentation, I added a green ellipse (#34B395), size 640×640 pixels, and 50% opacity, aligned exactly to the middle of my page.

Inside this ellipse I put my title text, with the font “Open Sans” for “THE” (size 40) and “TRAVEL GUIDE” (size 48). For “New Zealand” I used “Dancing Script” (size 105). After that, I added a little bit of Drop Shadow to all the text, so that it has more contrast with the background (X:0, Y:4, Blur 1 pixel, Opacity 15%).

Slide one.

To go on with creating the slides, add more pages on the left panel. Each page will be a slide of your presentation.

Pages menu on the left panel.

Once you’re done creating all the screens, all you need to do is to click the “Play/Present” button on the top corner (or View > Play/Present), and you’re done! You are in Presentation mode now. To change slides just use the arrow keys on the keyboard; to exit presentation mode press “Esc.”

“Play/Present” button on the top corner.
My presentation on Gravit Designer.

And now you know how to save yourself a lot of work using Gravit Designer for presentations!

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