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real-time design collaboration

Real-Time Design Collaboration

The Gravit Designer team proudly presents the new feature that is a perfect fit for teams and sharing your design work: Real-Time Collaboration.  Collaboration workflow  With this

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Touch design

Touchscreen Vector Design

Background on touch technology in Design  Touch is the most widely used technology to build new solutions today, and of course, we at Gravit Designer would not miss

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how to design for laser cutting

Designing for Laser Cutting and Etching

What is laser cutting?  Laser cutting and etching is a precise method that uses a high-power, thin, and focused laser beam to cut through various kinds of materials such as wood, glass, paper, metal, plastic, among others. The process uses a CNC router (Computer

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What is a Vector

What is a Vector file?

While working with digital files, you probably come across terms like “bitmap”, “EPS”, SVG” or “Vector” a lot. Often one of the first things a designer does

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vector image vs bitmap

How to Vectorize an Image

What is a vector and how is it different from other image types? Vector images are path-based mathematical equations which allow unlimited resizing without degradation

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How to Create a Mockup

Mockups are a great way to showcase your work in a more professional manner, and in this tutorial you will learn possible ways to create

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