Release Notes

New features, improvements and fixes

Version 2022.i1.1

January 03, 2022 

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed issue where offline mode was unavailable.

Version 2021.i13.1

December 09, 2021 


  • Improved security of the app.

Version 2021.i13

November 03, 2021 


  • Improve UI/UX for file saving

Bug Fixes 

  • Longer names are correctly truncated in the file tab on the Touch version.
  • Fixed rare issue where fills disappeared when renaming objects.
  • Fixed rare issue where the Bezigon tool exits editing mode unexpectedly

Version 2021.i12

October 11, 2021


  • Better keyboard accessibility with new shortcuts for some actions and tools.

Bug Fixes 

  • Due to some issues with the Unsplash integration, we needed to remove it temporarily.
  • Fixed the message displayed on the log-in screen, asking to create a new password, when the user tries to log in using an email address previously used to access the app through Facebook or Google.

Version 2021.i11

September 30, 2021 


  • More options similar to “Select by Font Type” were added to the new menu Edit > Select.
  • The handles of a selected element are now adapted to the zoom level or size of the object, making resizing or rotating easier. Please check this video. 
  • Better keyboard accessibility with new shortcuts for some actions and tools.

Bug Fixes 

  • Auto-update works again as expected on the Windows desktop version.
  • Fixed the issue with the log-in popup on Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing the Alt/Option key while creating a path would exit the path editing mode.

Version 2021.i10

September 13, 2021 


  • Better keyboard accessibility with new shortcuts.
    • Using “Ctrl + Alt + C” or “I” brings up the Eye Dropper to pick colors from the canvas for the selected element. To alter the color of a border, specifically, use “Shift + Ctrl + Alt + C”. 
    • New shortcuts for layers, groups and alignments
  • Google web fonts were updated. Please see this document to check what fonts were recently added and all current web fonts available.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed an issue where guest users were shown as “Unknown” on the Comments panel, even after entering their credentials. 
  • Templates with missing fonts can be exported as SVG again as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where the Select tool would stop working correctly for an object after using “Ctrl/Cmd+X” on it. 

Version 2021.i9

August 31, 2021


  • A warning message is now displayed when the user tries to export a PDF file with a canvas bigger than 200 inches, alerting the user that this PDF might not be displayed correctly in some PDF viewers.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed a problem where annotations were not being displayed for some files.

Version 2021.i8

August 17, 2021


  • New options to change Language (for localized glyphs) and Stylistic sets (alternative characters), when supported by the selected font.
  • Unified the display of the users’ avatars throughout the app.

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed some issues with the pattern chooser for gradient fills.
  • Google Drive Cloud storage works as expected again for all UI languages.
  • Fixed an issue where emails previously used to access Gravit Designer as a guest user couldn’t be used to create a new account.
  • Document color mode works as expected again.

Version 2021.i7

August 2, 2021

Performance Enhancements

  • Improvements to the performance of the app.


  • Improvement to objects selection: by holding X on the keyboard while dragging the Pointer, it’s possible to select elements without moving a background object. Please see this video.
  • Blending Modes are now sorted into practical categories. Please see this screenshot.
    • Modes that are not compatible with CSS/SVG/PDF are now marked with an asterisk.
  • For the desktop version, a warning will be displayed whenever the application is beginning to run low on memory.


  • Fixed multiple issues with the compatibility of exported PDF files and Acrobat Reader.
  • Fixed a problem where clicking “Cancel” on the file Settings, after modifying Auto-Save parameters, didn’t work.
  • Fixed an issue where two scroll bars were displayed on the Folder’s section of the Cloud dialog on Firefox.
  • Resizing the left panel works as expected again.
  • Fixed an issue with the Auto-updater on the desktop version.
  • Creating a new account requires a password with a minimum of 6 characters, as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to delete an account after canceling the PRO subscription.

Version 2021.i6

July 20, 2021


  • A new option is available on the Help menu for the Beta version. On Help > Beta Feedback > Give Feedback, the user is redirected to Gravit Designer’s discussion forum. On Help > Beta Feedback > Open Ticket, the user is redirected to a page where he can submit any requests.


  • Fixed translation issues.

Version 2021.i5

July 12, 2021

New Features 

  • Paste and Replace command.
    • This new option works with multiple selected elements, replacing them with the clipboard content while respecting the X and Y coordinates of the selected elements. Please see this video:
    • Can be used for multiple copied elements. Please see this video: 
    • This command works with any element (single layers, groups, symbols, text, etc).
    • It can be found in menu Edit > Paste > Paste and Replace, with the shortcut Alt+Ctrl (or Cmd)+V. 

Performance Enhancements 

  • Improvements to the performance of the app.


  • Fills can now be used with images, in the same way, it’s used with vector objects.
  • The option to install the PWA application is now available for Microsoft Edge as well. If an incompatible browser is useda message is displayed, warning the user.


  • Login via Facebook works as expected again.
  • Files shared through private guest invitations work as expected again.
  • Fixed an issue where access to a file was lost when it was saved while working on another file.
  • Fixed an issue with the loading of textures on the Unsplash library. 
  • Fixed some issues with the MacOS desktop application.

Version 2021.i4.1

June 29, 2021

Bug Fixes 

  • Auto-Update is temporarily disabled for the desktop version, as some users have problems with it. We are working on enabling the usual auto-update functionality
    soon again.

Version 2021.i4

June 28, 2021

Performance Enhancements 

  • Improvements to the performance of the Libraries search.


  • Improvements to the file sharing workflow:
    • Now it’s possible to open shared files through File > Share > Open Shared File in the menu bar, or on a file tab’s context menuA dialog opens where the shared file link can be used 
    • With this, it’s now also possible to open multiple shared files at once, without the need to open a new window or tab.
    • Improved the way to identify users who are collaborating in a file. 
  • The Settings option “Create a backup copy of files” is now off by default. 
  • Support to HEIC image format.

Bug Fixes 

  • Auto-saved versions can be loaded from Version History as expected again.
  • Fixed small issues with translations.

Version 2021.1.1

June 11, 2021


  • Fixed an issue with importing JPEG.

Version 2021.1

June 8, 2021


  • A tooltip with the collaborator’s email and role is now shown when hovering over the user’s avatar and name.
  • Support to read HEIC image format. 


  • Fixed an issue where a CMYK was converted to RGB after saving the file.
  • Notification emails are sent as expected again.
  • Fixed an issue with JPEG exporting on MacOS.

Version 2021.i2

May 24, 2021


  • An option “Request New Feature” was added to the Help menu, allowing users to make feature requests.
  • Experimental feature: System fonts are now available in the web app and PWA in Chrome. To enable them, please enter chrome://flags/#font-access in the address bar and switch to “Enabled”. We don’t recommend using this feature for any production work. Please contact our support team if you experience any problems or you have feedback.
  • Multiple performance improvements.


  • Fixed a problem with saving local files using the desktop app on MacOS.
  • Fixed an issue with a multipage document not opening on Microsoft Edge and some iPad browsers.

Version 2021.i1

April 26, 2021


  • While working on the upcoming iPad version, we fixed and improved several things.
    • Improvements to the Touch UI
    • Introduced universal links
    • Performance improvements
    • Improved iOS integration
  • Multiple performance improvements.
  • New option on Settings to enable or disable changing values in numeric input fields by click & drag. Comes disabled by default.
  • To help clarifying which platform a user is on, a code was added after the version number. Ex.: Browser versions say “2020.1.3 Web”, and the Windows desktop app says “2020.1.3 Win”.
  • The current version of Gravit Designer is also shown now on the login screen now, besides the Welcome Screen.
  • Due to some inconsistencies with the recently introduced Native File System API (allowing to save files to the local file system in the web app), where some files could not be downloaded or exported, an alternative solution was created to make sure that all files are downloaded/exported correctly.
  • Backup desktop files (.back) are now hidden to avoid misunderstandings, and a new option on Settings allows the user to disable the creation of the backup copies. Comes enabled by default.


  • Fixed an issue where files couldn’t be saved locally from the desktop app.
  • Swatches can be exported as usual again.
  • Solved a problem where shared files were displaying older auto-saved versions.
  • Fixed an issue where the PDF export from files containing master pages, with Angular gradient, Texture, Noise or Background Fill applied to an object, didn’t export correctly.
  • Fixed issues to rename Cloud folders.
  • It’s possible to request approval again on shared files when Approvers are accessing via the public share link.

Version 2020-

December 16, 2020


  • Fixed a problem with being unable to log in to Gravit Designer or reset the password. Now, cookies are reset automatically to prevent any issues.
  • Exporting JPEG and PDF files works as expected again.
  • Zooming with Ctrl/Cmd + mousewheel doesn’t cause rendering artifacts anymore.
  • When saving a local file, the correct name from the file tab is used or “Untitled” if the file is unsaved yet.
  • Optimized the performance of the sharing and collaboration features and the Libraries.
  • Fixed that the MacOS app can’t be installed on Big Sur. It is now a trusted application again.
  • Removed two-finger-tap in the touch interface, as it will be used for the Undo gesture later on.

Version 2020-1.3.4

December 2, 2020

Please check out the full release article for an overview of all the marvelous improvements we made with this release.

New features

  • Touch Support
    • Introducing the much-awaited version of Gravit Designer optimized for touch-enabled devices – available for iOS and Android devices, and also for Chrome OS and laptops with touch displays.
    • The minimum screen size required is 1024 x 768 pixels. Also, please see the Downloads page for the minimum system requirements for the touch mode.
    • To switch to the Touch interface, please go to View > Touch Interface. On touch devices there is an automatic detection, so this switch is not necessary.
    • In case the touch version is accessed on an unsupported browser or device, a warning message is shown.
    • The touch version is fully compatible with the Apple Pencil and other pen devices.
    • Please see this article for a complete overview our new touch feature or check out our user guide.
  • Real-time collaboration with comments and annotations
    • With this new feature, users can collaborate with each other in real-time when sharing a file, with comments and annotations, on the new Comments panel.
    • A new Sharing dialog is available, where it’s possible to create a link for public sharing or a link for private sharing, inviting the other users via email. Please note that Private sharing is a Gravit Designer PRO feature.
    • For public or private sharing, the file owner can delegate a specific role to the users opening the shared file. It’s possible to choose from Viewer, Developer, Reviewer, Approver or Co-Author. To remove the access granted previously, choose No Access.
    • The file owner can invite collaborators with no Gravit Designer account through the Guest Access, where the guest receives an email and can access the file, with limited actions on the interface.
    • Using the Comment tools available at the top of the panel, users can leave comments about specific parts of the file, interacting with each other. The tools available are Notes, Line, Highlighter, Pen, Rectangle and Ellipse. Each commenting tool has its own settings such as color or line-width to be customized. Please see this video.
    • For a full overview of the functionality of this brand new collaboration feature, please take a look at this article or check out our user guide.


  • Massively improved the performance of Gravit Designer when panning and zooming. Our CTO achieved this by caching rendered areas so that they are not re-rendered again.
  • Now it’s possible to save files locally on the PWA version and web version, as you are used to from the existing desktop versions. We are also working hard to bring system fonts to the PWA as quickly as possible, to make the PWA a fully-featured alternative to the desktop versions.
  • Removed restrictions for Copy and Paste functions from the Edit menu in the menu bar. Please note that, as against using the keyboard shortcuts with Ctrl/Cmd + C/V, the options in the menu bar just work for content inside of Gravit Designer.
  • A series of improvements were made to avoid memory issues.
  • When an anonymous user accesses a shared link now, a dialog is shown to allow the to enter his name. Please see this screenshot.
  • Several improvements to auto-save:
    • The dialog that shows for unsaved or local files now has a “Don’t show this again” checkbox to be less annoying. Also added a setting to disable this warning message.
    • Added a dialog that asks if auto-save should be enabled, informing our customers about this new feature.


  • Fixed a problem with the export dialog considering objects from disabled pages, showing an error message.
  • Solved a problem where the text on exported PDF files was duplicated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Color Adjust effect, in some cases, lowered the quality of the exported image.
  • Fixed an issue where opening an older version of the file in Version History, without making any changes, would make the file “dirty” (as if there would be changes).
  • It is possible to correctly reset your Gravit Designer account password again.
  • Fixed a problem where Inner Shadows applied to objects in the back of the canvas would be rendered in front instead.
  • Fixed an issue where the Save option would be disabled if the Saving dialog was opened and then closed without actually saving the file.
  • Issue fixed, when Gravit Designer appears as being offline but the user is actually online.

Version 2020-1.3.3

September 10, 2020

Please note: All of the following is only available in the web app and the PWA.

New features

  • More reliability with the long-awaited auto-save function:
    • Gravit Designer now automatically saves your Cloud files every 5 minutes, after they were first saved. Please see this video.
    • Every auto-save creates a new entry in the Version History of the file.
    • Auto-save won’t happen for local or downloaded files, only if files are opened from the Cloud. Otherwise, a message is shown as a reminder.
    • When offline, auto-save is not active, but a message is shown as a reminder.
    • Files are only auto-saved if there is actual progress.
    • The auto-save function can be disabled in the Settings, and it’s possible to change the interval for saving from 5 to 10 or 15 minutes.
    • Of course, saving manually still takes precedence over auto-saving, especially when loading a file.
    • We are working hard to make auto-save also available in Safari – where it’s not supported yet.
  • When dragging an object and reaching the edge of the canvas/viewport, it now pans automatically. The same goes when drawing a shape or path, dragging an anchor point, or making a selection.


  • The color mode (RGB, CMYK, HSB) is now a global setting:
    • Instead of the previous way of changing the color mode for each object, the color mode is now a global document configuration, similar to units and DPI.
  • Added rich tooltips to more items of the UI (menus for PRO and Free versions).
  • Added multiple precautions to retain files during a possible crash of the application.


  • Solved a problem with the Color Adjust effect lowering an image’s quality.
  • Fixed some problems with PDF import and export:
    • Colors not being exported correctly for some objects.
    • Fixed an issue where paths with arrows and a gradient fill were exported as all black.
    • Inner Shadow effect missing on the exported objects.
    • Solved a problem where the color code of borders changed when exported in CMYK.
    • Fixed an issue with a PDF generated on Adobe InDesign not opening correctly on Gravit Designer.
  • Solved a problem with the Missing Fonts dialog opening twice for the same file.
  • Removed Safari from the list of supported browsers due to multiple problems. We suggest using Chrome or Firefox instead.

Version 2020-1.3.2

August 11, 2020

Please note: All of the following is only available in the web app and the PWA.

New features

  • New example files in the Welcome Screen.
    • Gravit Designer now features a number of example files that enable you to get started quickly and inspect some outstanding designs specifically created by our designers Aleksandar and Claudia.
    • These files can also be accessed on the Welcome dialog and are also available in the “Open from Cloud” dialog at any time.



  • PDF fixes:
    • Fixed a problem where the exported PDF and SVG files ignored text frames set to “Fix”.
    • Solved an issue where some PDF files exported from Gravit contained redundant paths.
    • Fixed a problem with patterns always being exported at 72 dpi.
  • The “Mask” and “Inverse Mask” blending modes were brought back after popular demand.

Version 2020-1.3.1

July 2, 2020

Please note: All of the following is only available in the web app and the PWA.

New features

  • Detailed tooltips for every feature:
    • To provide a better onboarding experience and make the app even more intuitive, all tooltips now not only contain the tool name but also a description of its function and a link to our User Guide with more information.
    • Some of the tooltips also have a video now, showing the user there and then how the tool works. Please see this video.
  • Quickly change values on every input field: now when hovering input fields, it’s possible to increase or decrease the number of that field by simply clicking and dragging up or down. Please see this video.


  • Updated the Web Fonts list with all the brand-new ones added by Google.
  • Performance enhancements, improving the speed of the whole app.
  • Included new page presets to the Welcome Screen: “Instagram Stories” and “Google Business Profile, Cover and Post”.
  • Optimizations to the Save command:
    • The “Save” button is now disabled while the file is being saved.
    • Changes made to the file while it’s being saved or synchronized now make the file “dirty”, meaning that these changes will be shown as not saved, in order to avoid losing any progress. Please see a this video.
  • Improvements to File tabs:
    • Previously, new files were named as “Untitled” on the files tab. Now, every new file is named and ordered numerically, as in “Untitled-1”, “Untitled-2”, and “Untitled-3”, and so on. Please see this screenshot.
    • New context-menu for each File tab on right-click, with easier access to many file options.
    • Managing file tabs is much easier now, as the current active file is always visible no matter how many tabs are open, and a dropdown on the right shows all opened tabs. Please see this video.
    • It’s also possible to freely rearrange the file tabs now. Please see this video.
  • Many improvements to the Pages Panel user interface and workflow:
    • When on Multipage mode, pages are now highlighted when hovering it on the Pages Panel (and vice-versa). Please see this video.
    • Similarly, selecting a page on the canvas selects the same page on the Panel, and vice-versa. Please see this video.
    • Also, if a page is out of sight in the Pages Panel or the canvas when clicked, it’s properly centered.
    • Pages have now a context-menu on right-click, with the options to duplicate, delete, copy or export the selected page.
    • The change between Single- or Multipage modes is now saved between sessions and saved to the file.
  • Several improvements to Fills, Borders and Effects UI:
    • New context-menu for Fills on right-click, with the options to copy or delete the Fill.
    • New context-menu for Borders on right-click, with the options to access the “Advanced Settings”, copy or delete the border.
    • New context-menu for Effects on right-click, with the options to copy the effect or access the applying options.
    • It’s possible now to rearrange the stacking order of Borders and Effects on the Inspector panel. Please see this video.
    • Default position of the border for closed shapes is now “Inside” and “Outside” for text layers.
    • At any given time, now only one Border or Fill is selected, ensuring that all others are unselected for clarity.
  • Improvements to the speed for copying Symbols.
  • “Scale Font on Resize” is now called “Autoscale Font” to go in line with other settings.
  • The color code is now shown when moving the color picker over any element.
  • Gravit Designer PRO features are now clearly highlighted for users of the Free mode or while in Trial, without any cluttering or covering vital functionality.
  • Before exporting from a file that is not saved yet, the user now is asked through a dialog if she wishes to save the file beforehand or not.
    • For technical reasons, it’s not possible to save or export designs with an empty infinite canvas anymore.


  • Fixed some bugs with copy/paste of text.
  • It’s possible to download multiple files from the Cloud without any issues again.
  • Solved some specific PDF import issues reported by our users:
    • Fixed an issue where the PDF exported from Gravit Designer was imported back and looked different from the original.
    • Solved a problem where the text on an imported PDF couldn’t be edited.
    • Fixed a problem with some PDF files that couldn’t be imported for technical reasons.
  • After saving a document with missing fonts to the Cloud, the fonts are correctly displayed again when the file is reopened.
  • Solved some SVG export issues, including problems with borders.
  • Fixed some issues with the Pages panel workflow.
  • The progress indicator for loading and saving files work properly again.
  • The issue with font previews not matching the actual font on the Fonts list was solved.
  • Fixed an issue with the double-click for renaming layers.
  • Solved an issue related to border colors with added transparency.

Version 2020-1.2.1

May 12, 2020


  • Fixed some Linux issues.

Version 2020-1.2

April 22, 2020

New features

  • Ability to use Gravit Designer as a PWA (Progressive Web App).
    • Our new PWA allows you to run Gravit Designer as a desktop-like application right from your browser, no download or extensive installation required.
    • The PWA works in the latest versions of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. It can be installed by clicking on the + icon in the address bar or from File → Install to Desktop in the menu bar.
    • After confirming the installation, Gravit Designer is opened in a separate window and can now be found in Chrome apps (after entering chrome://apps in the address bar).
    • Besides the desktop-like feeling, the main advantage of the PWA is that it can be fully used offline.
    • Furthermore, the PWA is kept up-to-date automatically.
    • We are already working hard to bring the other features you are used to from the regular desktop app to the PWA too, like system fonts and saving right to your local file system (currently, you just have the File → Download option, like in the web app). Stay tuned!
  • Miter limit for borders in the Advanced Border Settings, when Joins is set to Miter. With sharp angles, it’s possible for the “miter” to extend far beyond the thickness of the path, so the new miter limit is used to define when this limit is exceeded, converting the joint to a Bevel type. Please see this video.


  • In consequence of Google’s deprecation of OAuth authentication for non-standard browsers, we’re now using the native browser to prevent any login errors in the desktop app.


  • Solved some translation issues with the UI.
  • Fixed the features Bring to Front and Bring Forward from the Arrange menu.
  • Using several instances of text attached to a path works properly again.
  • Several fixes to inside and outside borders:
    • They don’t get doubled anymore.
    • Generally, such borders should be displayed correctly now.
  • Fixed that a fill is added erroneously to a segmented circle.

Version 2020-1.1.2

April 1, 2020


Version 2020-1.1.1

March 30, 2020


  • Fixed a critical bug.

Version 2020-1.1

January 22, 2020


  • Fixed that logging in via Facebook or Google doesn’t require account activation anymore.
  • Solved a problem with the Advanced Export dialog.

Version 2020-1

January 13, 2020


  • To give more visibility to the presets on the Welcome screen, the list of available options is now shown immediately shown after clicking on a category. Please see this video.
  • Improved the performance of the Gravit Cloud (File → Open from Cloud…), for example when working with large amounts of files.
  • Improved account activation and made it more reliable.


  • Showing the Layers and Inspector panels (from View in the menu bar) works correctly again.
  • Various fixes for PDF export and import.
    • Wrong border width and text colors in imported PDFs.
    • Images not correctly exported to PDF.
    • PDFs exported from Gravit Designer can now be opened properly in CorelDRAW.
  • Applying a Color Adjust effect to an image doesn’t hide or screw its settings anymore.
  • Re-sending the account activation email works correctly now.
  • Fixed the Version History (from the File menu), which was entirely broken.
  • Elements from files saved in older versions of Gravit Designer don’t show up as all black anymore.
  • Multiple fixes for applying coupon codes and showing the validity of subscriptions in the account settings.
  • Fixed that scrolling down the list of elements in the Libraries fails to load more results.
  • Solved some issues with effects:
    • Adding an effect and undoing this step works properly now.
    • Using a Drop Shadow effect doesn’t create a “ghost image” image” anymore when exported.

Version 2019-2.7

October 10, 2019

New features

  • Google Drive integration. Now you can access your Drive files directly from within Gravit Designer.
    • First, you need to connect to your Google account. This can be done in the Cloud dialog (File → Open from Cloud… or Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + O), after clicking at the top-left and selecting Connect new Cloud Drive… and then Connect Google Drive.
    • Now you are prompted with a message and clicking on Open additional files (or later on via Open files in the header of the Cloud dialog) lets you open files from your Google Drive. Due to security restrictions, files and folders (and each file in a folder) need to be opened separately and not the entire Google Drive can be accessed. This also includes the containing folder and its parents.
    • When selecting multiple files from your Google Drive, they are added to the Cloud dialog instead of directly opening them (as it happens when selecting just one file). To make it easier finding files, they are shown in Recent files when being in the root folder (“My Cloud”). If you already added the containing folder (and all of its parents) before, the respective folder is directly shown after selecting files.
    • It’s not only possible to access existing files from your Google Drive, but you can also save new files via File → Save to Cloud as… (or Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + S) or existing files from your Gravit Cloud.
    • The options of the Google Drive can be changed with a click on the Settings icon. There it’s possible to rename the Drive or disconnect it.
    • To switch back to your Gravit Cloud drive again, select it in the top-left just like you switched to the Google Drive before.
    • Please take a look at this video to learn more about the Google Drive integration.
  • Added a new Recent files section in the root folder (“My Cloud”) of the Cloud dialog (File → Open from Cloud… or File → Save to Cloud as…), that shows the files you have worked on lately (opened or saved).


  • My Cloud”, the root folder of your Gravit Cloud, is now represented as a real folder in the folders list.
  • Provided a new DMG installer on macOS (instead of the ZIP version), that simplifies adding Gravit Designer to your system.
  • Further improved the performance of the Gravit Cloud.
  • Added a new message informing that it’s not recommended running Gravit Designer on devices with a screen size below 1280 pixels.
  • In the Cloud dialog, files now also show the time when they were saved last and for truncated filenames parts of the filenames’ end is shown. Also, improved the sorting options a bit, in that the “Created” date is shown for the file if this option is selected.
  • When trying to save a file with a filename that already exists, an overwrite warning is shown.


  • Having multiple elements selected in the Layers panel and hiding some of them doesn’t remove the elements from the selection anymore.
  • Solved various rendering issues.
  • Saving files from other accounts to your own account works properly now.
  • Solved more problems with distributing elements vertically.
  • In the Cloud dialog, the folder that was selected last time is remembered now.
  • Fixed that some images were missed when exporting PDFs.

Version 2019-2.6

September 05, 2019


  • Slightly improved payment flow.


  • Fixed some issues with sharing files.
  • Plugged a critical security vulnerability.

Version 2019-2.5

August 21, 2019


  • Fixed some problems with the performance of the Gravit Cloud.
  • Emails (activation, password reset, etc.) are sent correctly again.
  • Fixed a small issue with Google and Facebook logins.

Version 2019-2.4

August 12, 2019

New features

  • Support for numbered and bulleted lists:
    • The Advanced Settings of text layers have a new List Type option, that lets you choose between bulleted and numbered lists with various styles.
    • Pressing Enter adds a new list item, Shift + Enter adds a soft break without creating a new list item.
    • Tab indents a list item to the next level, Shift + Tab does the inverse.
    • To change the spacing between list items either use Spacing → Line in the Inspector or Paragraph → Spacing After in the Advanced Settings.
    • Pressing Enter twice at the end of a list item or the Down arrow key closes the list.
    • To change the indentation of a list, use the Paragraph → Indent setting in the Advanced Settings.
    • You can either switch entire text layers to a list or select individual lines/paragraphs.
    • Learn more about lists in this video.
  • After signing up for a new Gravit account you now have two options: You can start the trial of Gravit Designer PRO right away, which lets you try out all PRO features for 15 days. Or you can go into free mode, where no PRO features are available at all, but you can switch to the trial at any time at the bottom-right.


  • Significantly improved folder navigation. You are now presented with a list of folders on the left of the Cloud dialog (File → Open from Cloud… or File → Save to Cloud as…) like you know it from your operating system’s file explorer.
    • Folders can be opened with a single-click.
    • Sub-folders can be opened with the arrow in front of the folder name or a double-click.
    • The options of a folder can still be shown by clicking on the “kebab menu” (the three dots on the right of a folder name).
    • For bulk operations (copy, cut, delete), multiple folders can be selected while holding Ctrl/Cmd.
    • The root folder of your Gravit Cloud files is now represented by the My Cloud folder.
    • We have summarized everything you need to know in this video.
  • Multiple improvements when saving a file to the Gravit Cloud:
    • The viewport on the canvas isn’t altered anymore.
    • Similarly, no other settings, like the currently active page, are changed.
    • To prevent confusion, no new file tab is created after saving to the Cloud, but the current file/tab is saved.
    • In the desktop applications, when saving a local file from Save to Local File as…, the actual name from the file tab is used now. The same goes when downloading a file in the Cloud dialog.
  • Removed the option for syncing files to the Gravit Cloud in the Inspector to prevent confusion and moved it to a less prominent place in the File menu: Sync file to Cloud (or Unsync from Cloud when it’s already synced).
    • The date the file was synced last is shown below this new menu entry (Last synced at).
    • Syncing files to the Gravit Cloud is only available for downloaded files, local files (saved in the desktop app) or when they were synced specifically before.
    • Cloud files saved to a local file and downloaded files are synced automatically.
    • In turn, local files need to be synced to the Cloud specifically.
    • Furthermore, fixed a couple of bugs with syncing files.
  • When being offline, a message is now shown for areas that need an online connection, like the Libraries, Web fonts, or the Cloud dialog – clarifying that these features are not available when having no internet connection.
  • Improved Scale font on resizing for text layers: When switching this option on, the bottom-right handle on the text layer changes to orange, indicating that: any changes done with this handle will change the size of the text (instead of the text box) will update the font size in the Inspector. Please see this video.
    • Tip: Hold Shift to change the text layer proportionally.
    • Note: This method doesn’t work for text layers in groups yet, but we are aiming to fix that in an upcoming version.
  • The desktop versions have a File → Quit option now.
  • Improved the syncronization dialog that is shown after opening a downloaded or local file that was changed meanwhile on the Cloud. It has a bigger preview now and indicates which one the latest version is.


  • Downloading a file includes images again instead of just referencing them.
  • Fixed that the export preview in the Export dialog (File → Advanced Export…) isn’t distorted anymore.
  • The Replace function in the Inspector works correctly again when having an image selected.
  • Fixed a bug that the entire file gets redrawn when just making minor changes.
  • Detaching a Symbol instance doesn’t tag the involved elements as PRO anymore and makes them available again for non-PRO users.
  • Made another attempt to fix the problem that certain images in files were lost after version 2019-2.
  • Cmd + O didn’t work in Safari to open files so we changed it to Alt + Cmd + O for this browser (which also works in other browsers additionally now).
  • Adding effects can be properly undone now.
  • The desktop application is now properly displayed in the dock on Linux.
  • In Multipage mode, dragging with the mouse correctly draws a selection again instead of moving the entire page.
  • Fixed that Gravit Designer is a “trusted application” again on macOS.
  • Updating the desktop version of Gravit Designer should work correctly again. Furthermore, the update notice in the web app will only be shown if there’s actually a new version available.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with Shared styles (proper undo, copy/paste, etc.).
  • The account activation email after signing up for a Gravit account is now sent properly.

Version 2019-2.3

July 26, 2019


  • Fixed a critical bug.

Version 2019-2.2

July 22, 2019


  • Next try: Downloading a file from the Cloud dialog works correctly now.
  • Fixed that effects can be deleted again.
  • Right-clicking on a clipped shape doesn’t select the content anymore, but the container.
  • Cloud syncing options are at the correct (old) place again.
  • Open Recent works across systems again.
  • Fixed more problems with display errors of text layers under certain circumstances.

Version 2019-2.1

July 2, 2019

New features

  • By popular demand, we added a number of templates of Print on Demand (POD) services. They include: Amazon Shirt/Pullover, Amazon Popsocket, Teepublic T-Shirt, Cafepress T-Shirt, and Redbubble T-Shirt.
    • These templates are available from Print on Demand in the slightly revised Welcome screen (Help → Show welcome screen), that also combines mobile and tablet devices into the Devices category now.
    • Amazon and Redbubble Shirts come with two different templates, that are available from the Pages panel.
    • Each template includes instructions in a locked layer.
    • To get a better sense of the final appearance, the Outline layer comes with different Shared Styles, that let you preview the shirt’s color. Please note that these colors are just an approximation and that you need to unlock the Delete/Hide layer group to be able to change the style.
    • Furthermore, the Amazon Shirt includes different shirt types. To show them, unlock the Delete/Hide group and show/hide the type you want to preview.
    • For more information about the new Print on Demand templates, please take a look at this video.
  • Share designs. Every design that you have saved to the Gravit Cloud now provides a handy Share button that lets you share it with your peers and stakeholders. Clicking on this button presents you with a dialog with multiple options:
    • Probably the most important element is the URL – which can be conveniently copied with the COPY button.
    • Allow to Save lets you define whether it’s possible to save the design to the account of the person who is seeing your design. This also includes downloading, exporting, and copy/paste.
    • Allow to Inspect on the other hand opens your design in a “view-only” mode. This mode doesn’t let the viewer select the individual layers and hides both the Layers Panel and the Inspector. The page that was selected when saving the design will be shown after opening it. Please note that exporting is still possible when this option is switched off.
    • If you shared a design before and don’t want to do so anymore you can switch it off with the Sharing is On toggle.
    • Even anonymous users can check out your design, no matter if they are not logged in or signed up yet.
    • When opening such a shared design, a note at the bottom shows information about the designer and possible restrictions.
    • To learn more about the new Share functionality, please check out this video.


  • Added some missing translations of non-English languages.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now also work in the Cyrillic keyboard layout.
  • Prevented that clicking an element can move it slightly unintentionally.
  • Improved the Help link (?) on the login/signup screen so that it can also be clicked.
  • Unified the file options in the Cloud dialog (File → Open from Cloud… and Save to Cloud…): When clicking on a design, the context-menu (available from the three dots) and the bottom menu now show the same options.


  • When setting the vertical alignment of a text layer with a defined height to center or bottom, the content doesn’t vanish anymore.
  • Fixed a problem with display errors of text layers under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed that lines don’t show the correct rotation and size in the Inspector.
  • Adding a “Space” character at the beginning of a text layer doesn’t remove its line spacing anymore.
  • Fixed that Safari can be properly changed from the beta to the regular version again.
  • To prevent unintentional movement, elements can’t be moved with the right mouse-button anymore. This also fixes that elements sometimes moved slightly when just clicking on them.
  • Exporting from the Assets tab in the Export dialog (File → Export → Advanced Export…) works correctly again for the PDF format.
  • Setting Applies to to Border for an effect show the correct icon now.
  • Downloading a file from the Cloud dialog works correctly again.
  • Fixed Orig. size and Colors functionality in the Inspector for images.
  • With the latest 2019-2 release some images in certain designs went missing. They should be working again now.
  • Fixed the keyboard shortcut for the Bezigon tool in the toolbar.
  • Exporting with Preserve editing capabilities for SVG files switched on in the Export dialog works correctly again in the Chrome OS app.
  • Fixed that holding Alt while dragging a selection causes rendering artifacts.
  • Open from Cloud… (from the File menu) works correctly again on MacOS after launching Gravit Designer.
  • Fixed a problem in Chrome with files containing multiple images.
  • Joins of paths are now correctly exported in PDF files.
  • Fixed that linear gradients applied to text layers with a fixed height have an incorrect gradient axis.
  • Panning while having the Layers tool selected doesn’t deselect layers anymore by accident.
  • When changing the size of polygons and having the Autoscale Corners option switched on, the corners are now correctly resized with the element.

Version 2019-2

June 5, 2019

New features

  • Hallo, Bonjour, もしもし and Merhaba: As already teased (by accident) in the last release, Gravit Designer now comes with these twelve additional languages, available from Help → Language: German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian, Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Czech, Dutch, Japanese, and Turkish. This makes a total of 14 languages in your favorite design tool.
    • On top of that, the correct language is automatically detected from the browser language, so you should see the correct translation by default.
  • Unsplash photo integration: To give you even more options to work on your projects without needing to leave Gravit Designer, you can now add photos directly from the Unsplash photos category in the Libraries. Either click on a photo to insert it or drag it to the canvas.
    • When having a shape selected on the canvas while clicking on a photo, it gets added as a texture fill.
    • Additionally, when holding Alt it gets masked to the selected shape.
    • Of course you can also search for photos and for some inspiration the dropdown list lets you choose from a range of categories.


  • To simplify adding images to your designs, JPEGs and PNGs can now be opened directly from File → Open file… without needing to use File → Import → Place.
  • Generally improved PDF import.
  • Multiple improvements to duplicating pages in Multipage Mode:
    • Duplicating with Ctrl/Cmd + D places the page after the last page, not in between other pages.
    • Duplicating with Alt-dragging or moving it places the page exactly where dragging stops.
    • A subsequent number now gets added to the name of the duplicated page (MyPage → MyPage 1). If duplicating a page that already has a number in the name, “.1” is added (MyPage 1 → MyPage 1.1).
    • The bounding box of subsequent pages is now correctly respected.
    • Hovering over pages now shows a selection box to clarify what will be selected when clicking (unrelated to duplicating).
  • The interface font of Gravit Designer now includes Cyrillic characters.


  • Fixed some last bugs for printing.
  • Window functions (Minimize, Restore Down and Close) work correctly again in the Windows desktop version.
  • Pages that have a Master Page assigned show the content outside of the page’s boundaries correctly.
  • Solved a problem that JPEGs were exported with wrong header information.
  • Solved some drawing issues with the Freehand and Freehand Shaping tool.
  • Fixed that some categories in the Libraries show a large gap before the actual assets start.
  • Resending the email confirmation works correctly again.
  • The Preserve editing capabilities for SVG files option for SVGs in the Export dialog doesn’t hang the Export dialog anymore.
  • Fixed that certain files show an incorrect warning for missing fonts.

Version 2019-1.9

May 21, 2019


  • Solved multiple issues with the Chrome OS version.

Version 2019-1.8

May 9, 2019


  • Fixed incorrect spacing of social logins (Facebook, Google) in the login dialog.
  • Removed redundant Download button in the Cloud dialog and changed incorrect behavior.
  • Multi-page documents export as expected again in the Export dialog (File → Export → Advanced Export…).
  • Fixed that elements, which were grouped, can’t be selected after undoing this action.
  • Some new languages made it into the last release by accident. We had to remove them, as they were not ready for prime time. See that as a teaser for the next version. 😉
  • New Folder button in Cloud dialog works correctly again.

Version 2019-1.7

May 8, 2019

New features

  • Added a new document DPI (dots per inch) setting in the inspector. The value defined there is used by the Flatten option (Modify menu) to determinate the resolution which will be used when vector elements are rasterized. Also, PDF exports will use this setting by default.


  • Based on the region, the correct print preset is selected in the Welcome dialog now (either A4 or US-Letter Portrait).
  • Massively improved the quality of images when printing or exporting PDF files.
    • Also introduced a new dialog, that tells about possible problems when printing on certain devices.
    • Added a new checkbox “Don’t downsample bitmap images” for PDF files in the Export dialog, to determine the behavior (for performance and file size reasons).
  • Introduced Fast view again (in View in the menu bar). Toggling this option pixelates effects for performance reasons when zooming in.
  • Added new Copy functionality for files in the Cloud dialog (File → Open from Cloud… and Save to Cloud…).
  • The folder that was accessed last in the Cloud dialog is now remembered after closing the dialog.
  • Showing an error message when trying to import a bitmap that’s too large.
  • Renamed .jpg to .jpeg in File → Export to conform to the standard.
  • Added keyboard shorts for File → Save to Cloud… (Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + S) and Open from Cloud… (Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + O).
  • Improved the layer hierarchy of imported EPS files in that individual elements aren’t masked anymore.
  • Clarified the export menu for PDF files (File → Export → PDF in the menu bar), in that it shows more preset sizes and references the Export dialog (Advanced Options…).


  • Capitalize also works for special characters now and doesn’t destabilize the cursor anymore.
  • Fixed that picking something from the templates in the Welcome screen changes all other labels.
  • Fixed a problem when applying a Difference Boolean operation on certain shape combinations.
  • Note when entering Fullscreen mode is now properly shown in Safari.
  • Fixed some quality issues when printing.
  • All colors used in the design are now shown in the “In use” tab.
  • Multiple bugfixes to pages:
    • Pages can now be properly deleted with the delete icon.
    • Added a confirmation dialog when attempting to delete master pages.
    • Selecting a page in the pages panel highlights it correctly on the canvas now.
    • Exporting doesn’t alter the page background anymore.
    • When opening a multi-page file, the page that was selected before closing the file remains selected.
  • Fixed selecting and pasting content in input fields in the login dialog.
  • The Gravit Designer window can now be moved properly while the login dialog is shown.
  • The dialog asking for the location to save (local or Cloud) is now properly hidden in the desktop app.
  • Fixed multiple issues in PDF export with missing images and effects.
  • Fixed New from Clipboard option.
  • Exporting a shape with an outside border as an SVG doesn’t remove the fill anymore.
  • Fixed styling and icons of certain buttons in the Cloud dialog.
  • Help → Language shows a proper checkmark again.
  • Fixed some problems while changing the email address in the Account settings.
  • Changing the options of the Color Adjust filter doesn’t freeze Gravit Designer anymore.
  • Opening a local file works correctly again on Chrome OS.
  • Changing the window size doesn’t produce rendering artifacts anymore.
  • Clip content doesn’t show effects in the wrong zoom level anymore.
  • Distributing multiple paths and text layers at the same time doesn’t change the visual order anymore.
  • Fixed that pressing Enter in a text layer adds a special character.
  • Using a decimal number for the font size of a text layer is now correctly represented on the canvas.
  • Fixed a problem in the Cloud dialog with eponymous folder names.
  • The category names in the preset dropdown in the Inspector have a proper styling now.
  • Deactivated the middle and right mouse button for menu bar items.
  • Vietnamese characters are displayed correctly now.
  • Removing effects makes files “saveable” now.
  • Noise fills on tiny elements don’t break Gravit Designer anymore.
  • The Dribbble page preset uses the correct spelling now.
  • Various fixes for the offline mode and related dialogs.

Version 2019-1.6

Apr. 9, 2019


  • Fixed a critical issue.

Version 2019-1.5

Apr. 2, 2019


  • Introduced native printing again. Now you can directly print again from File → Print… without needing to export a PDF first or rely on another application. We also fixed a bunch of bugs, so printing should work reliable across platforms and versions.
  • Updated Google login to comply with Google’s new authentication system.


  • Fixed New from Template option on Welcome screen to work correctly again.
  • Selecting fonts in the font list with arrow keys also works reliably in Firefox now.

Version 2019-1.4

Feb. 20, 2019


  • Improved PayPal payments.


  • Fixed performance issues in the Mac desktop app.
  • Removed redundant Blur filter.
  • Solved problem with incorrect spacing of certain font families.
  • Fixed that the “Missing fonts” dialog doesn’t block the font selection anymore.

Version 2019-1.3

Feb. 6, 2019


  • Folders in the Cloud dialog are included in the normal scrolling flow again.


  • Fixed a problem with missing files in the Cloud.
  • Solved multiple issues with PDF export.
  • Character spacing is correct again on the canvas.

Version 2019-1.2

Jan. 31, 2019

  • Fixed a problem with folders in Firefox.

Version 2019-1

Jan. 29, 2019

With this release we are focusing on internationalization and some long overdue additions and optimizations in this regard. The first being the support of right-to-left (and top-to-bottom) languages, which finally enables to use scripts such as Arabic, Hebrew and Persian in Gravit Designer. In addition, we also included many other non-Latin characters sets, including Japanese, Chinese, Bengali or Georgian, to name a few.
But we didn’t stop there: The Cloud dialog received a massive overhaul with some new functionality and we have some new controls for text layers in the Inspector, including some advanced options like subscript, fractions, and paragraph spacing.
Please read on for all changes or have a look at the release article on our Medium blog.

New features

  • RTL (right-to-left) and TTB (top-to-bottom) language support for text layers, available in this new dropdown in the Inspector.
  • New “script” selection in the Inspector to choose between the different character sets contained in a font. Try Noto Sans for example.
  • New text features and improvements:
    • New controls for bold, italic, underline, and strikethrough right in the Inspector.
    • New advanced text settings (available at this icon): Subscript, superscript, ligatures, and fractions; uppercase, capitalize, lowercase, and small caps transformations; paragraph indent and spacing. Please read more in the related article
    • Ctrl/Cmd + B and Ctrl/Cmd + I now work for entire text layers, not only parts of them.
    • Having multiple font weights in the same text layer now shows Mixed in the Weight field.
    • Pressing Shift + Enter now creates a soft break, that’s not affected by paragraph spacing.
  • Ability to set the zoom stop with a double-click on the zoom icon in the toolbar. Please see this video.
  • In case you have missed it, we have a full user guide available now, that should cover all questions about Gravit Designer.


  • Improved Cloud dialog (File → Open from Cloud… and File → Save to Cloud…) with an overhauled appearance and some new functionality:
    • Ability to maximize the dialog to fill the whole window.
    • Search function.
    • Change between card view (default) and list view for a better overview and more clarity.
    • Files can be directly download from here now.
    • File operations are now only available when selecting files. Alternatively, you can also use the context-menu. Please see this video.
  • Massively improved support for non-Latin character sets, including Arabic and Hebrew, Cyrillic, Chinese, Indic, Japanese, Greek, Georgian, Vietnamese, Persian, Burmese, and more.
    • Pasted text is automatically detected and switches to the correct font.
    • Web Fonts now include new Noto Sans font families, enabling you to use these character sets right away.
    • Enabled proper line breaks for Asian characters.
  • Renamed Settings to Account settings in the user dialog for more clarity.
  • Reorganized options in the Help menu in the toolbar.
  • Updated Web Fonts to include all the shiny new Google Fonts.
  • Added proper checkmarks for all options in the toolbar in the MacOS app.
  • Continued improving SVG support.
  • Made more efforts to improve the performance of Gravit Designer.


  • Social logins (Facebook, Google) now have a proper close button.
  • Worked on reducing rendering artifacts.
  • Fixed various bugs for the light theme.
  • Having the context-menu (right-click) open and pressing Esc doesn’t leave Edit mode anymore but only closes the context-menu.
  • Shapes clipped to text layers are now properly exported to SVG.
  • Ensured that Show Version History (from the File menu) works reliably and doesn’t loose any progress.
  • The message shown when entering Fullscreen mode (from View → Toggle fullscreen…) is now displayed correctly in the light theme.
  • Trying to access a PRO feature in free mode now shows the correct dialog again.
  • Logging in now works properly on Chrome OS and in the the Chrome extension.
  • Solved an issue that screwed up the canvas and rendered it unusable.
  • Icons from the Libraries can now be inserted properly again.
  • Fixed various issues with angular gradients in Firefox.

By the way, if you didn’t notice it yet: We switched to a new version naming, that puts less emphasis on the version number, but rather uses a subsequent number for each release throughout the year.

Version 3.5.6

Nov. 30, 2018

  • Our first-ever Friday release with some last-minute fixes. 😉

Version 3.5.5

Nov. 29, 2018


  • Improvements to the View Mode:
    • Removed Full View and Fast View and made Outline View a toggle switch in the View menu.
    • Brought Output View to the Inspector as a separate Clip content icon. This view is now turned on by default, meaning that elements outside a page are clipped. Please see this video.
  • Improved the dialog when closing a document with unsaved progress and added distinctive Don’t saveCancel, and Save… buttons to clarify the various actions.
  • More enhancements to the rendering speed of Gravit Designer.
  • Improvements to EPS import: 
    • Text layers are now converted to outlines (paths) by default, to ensure that everything looks as the creator of the EPS file imagined it. This feature can be switched off in Edit → Settings → Outline fonts in EPS import. When off, the font of text layers can still be replaced.
    • Image masks are now supported.
  • To help solving bugs for the development team, you now have the option to Send developer details in the Help menu. It prepares the output of the application’s developer console to be sent to us.
  • New maintenance mode, that notifies you about Gravit Designer currently not being available due to an update.
  • Various improvements to SVG importing.


  • Fixed that elements clipped to compound paths didn’t display correctly.
  • Facebook and Google login now works properly on Chrome OS and in the Chrome extension.
  • Fixed that the save icon was never disabled, even when there were no changes to save.
  • Open Sans Condensed doesn’t trigger “Missing fonts” dialog anymore.
  • Fixed problem with auto-update in MacOS.
  • All web fonts are showing the correct previews again.
  • Fixed a problem with aligned compound shapes.
  • Show Symbol Labels (from View → Canvas) works properly again.
  • Fixed various rendering artifacts.

Version 3.5.4

Nov. 15, 2018

  • Fixed a few bugs with signup and user accounts.

Version 3.5.3

Nov. 9, 2018

  • Fixed fullscreen mode.

Version 3.5.2

Nov. 8, 2018

  • Fixed outline view mode.
  • Fixed angular gradient which exported incorrectly.

Version 3.5.1

Nov. 7, 2018

  • Fixed a bug that PDF files got exported without text layers.
  • The Size dropdown in the Export dialog now works correctly again.

Version 3.5

Nov. 5, 2018

This one is huge: We massively improved the performance and rendering speed of Gravit Designer, so it should run as soft as butter no matter which type of design you are working on.
Another improvement we are particularly proud of is EPS compatibility. EPS files should now open flawlessly, perform better and load much faster.
We’d love to get your feedback on the forum or the social media channels (TwitterFacebook). For more information about Gravit Designer 3.5 check out this article.
This update is automatically downloaded and installed in the next days if you are using Gravit Designer 3.4.5 or later. It will also be available from the app stores again throughout this week. Finally, you can download it on our website, too.

New features

  • Illustrator (AI) file import: Files saved with the “Create PDF Compatible File” option can now be opened in Gravit Designer. A message will be shown in case the file isn’t compatible. 
  • Version History: Access up to 20 past versions of your designs saved on the Gravit Cloud. Continue working from a different point, restore a critical element or see how your design evolved. It can be accessed from File → Show Version History. Please read more in this article


  • Massive improvements to the rendering performance. Gravit Designer should perform way better in all situations now.
  • Increased compatibility of EPS files. They should open without any flaws now. 
  • Generally improved loading times of all kinds of files.
  • The divider between the Pages and Layers panel can now be moved to give more space to either.
  • Removed “Mask” blending modes to prevent confusion. Please use one of the ways shown in this video to mask content instead.
  • Brought back “Fit All” in the toolbar by popular demand. Always listening to our users. 🙂
  • Added a warning about linked images (File → Link Image…), that they will not be available when opening the file on another computer or in the web app.
  • Added a couple of new presets, including Apple Watch 4, new iPhones, Google Pixel 2/XL and more.
  • Removed Retina Display option in Export dialog (File → Export → Export…) as this term is quite outdated. Please use the Size field with “2x” for example instead.
  • Our support team can now be reached from the brand new support form. Linked it in Help → Contact us in the menu bar.
  • Hidden layers are not considered for snapping anymore.
  • In turn, locked layers are now considered for snapping and they also show smart guides.
  • Improved precision for the Position and Size of SVG files.
  • Further improved exporting elements with borders to SVG.
  • Ensured that files finished saving when closing Gravit Designer.
  • Locked layers can now be used as “Key objects”: When selecting multiple layers alongside a locked element, the other elements are aligned to the locked layer. Please see this video.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented Cloud files to be exported to PDF.
  • Finally eradicated the “Loading has failed” bug.
  • Dashed and dotted lines now show properly in imported SVG files.
  • Locked layers aren’t affected by aligning anymore.
  • PDF export:
    • Fixed multiple problems that prevented designs from exporting.
    • Semi-opaque elements (patterns, groups) are properly exported now.
  • Fixed some bugs when uploading a profile picture and added a correct error message.
  • Showing correct message again when trying to close a file with unsaved progress.
  • We continued to improve SVG import and fixed various bugs.
  • Fixed a bug with toggling the visibility of layers.

Version 3.4.10

Oct. 18, 2018

  • We are running out of version numbers. 😉 Solved another problem that needed a timely fix.

Version 3.4.9

Oct. 10, 2018

  • Fixed a critical bug.

Version 3.4.8

Oct. 05, 2018

  • Fixed a problem with auto-update on macOS.

Version 3.4.7

Oct. 04, 2018

  • Fixed a critical bug with auto-update, that prevented fetching the correct version.

Version 3.4.5

Sep. 24, 2018

We are continuing our efforts to improve Gravit Designer and fix bugs.

New features

  • Gravit Designer now checks for updates regularly to make sure that you are always running the latest version. To check for a new version manually, go to Help → Check for updates.


  • The border position of open paths is now limited to Center to prevent incorrect line endings.
  • Exported PDFs now show the correct meta data for Author (when logged in), Title (the current file name), and Created with (Gravit Designer).
  • Moved all Show options from the View menu in the menu bar to the Canvas submenu for more clarity.
  • The Keep ratio setting in the Inspector is now remembered after closing Gravit Designer.
  • The context menu is now shown correctly for the PenBezigon, and Knife tools when making a right-click in the Layers panel.
  • Optimized to work better on mobile devices.


  • Selecting a layer in the Layers panel and moving it with the arrow keys now updates its position immediately.
  • SVG export:
    • Text layers with inner shadows are properly exported now.
    • Borders with different position settings (Inside and Center) are now properly exported, also in clipped shapes.
    • Fixed a problem with text layers clipped to elements with borders.
  • Effects that extend the natural properties of elements, like shadows or blurs, are now considered properly when exporting.
  • The Back to top link in the Libraries now works properly and doesn’t close the search results or selected categories anymore.
  • Fixed that the Equal Margins setting for pages in the Inspector can’t be switched off.
  • Fixed a problem with text layers, that caused rendering problems when zoomed in or out.
  • Selecting elements doesn’t produce lags anymore.
  • Fixed various issues in offline mode.
  • Dragging layers in Layers panel now shows a correct preview again.
  • Solved a problem that images were invisible on the canvas under certain circumstances.
  • The Color Adjust effect works properly again in the latest version of Chrome.
  • Elements with CMYK colors don’t cause problems with PDF export anymore.

Version 3.4.4

Aug. 29, 2018

  • Fixed another critical issue with the offline mode.
  • Fixed preview images in Cloud dialog and Libraries.

Version 3.4.3

Aug. 27, 2018

Fixed a critical issue with the offline mode.

Version 3.4.2

Aug. 23, 2018

We’re working hard to fix critical bugs in Gravit Designer and bring improvements. Here’s the result:


  • Submenus in the menu bar now stay open when being tapped on a touch device, also when being clicked.
  • Improved text cursor on dark backgrounds.
  • Improved appearance of the selection box on backgrounds with a similar color.
  • Unified ordering and naming of Compound Shapes (formerly “Merge”).
  • Added a note when entering fullscreen mode with instructions how to close it.
  • Removed “Invert selection mode” option in Settings for more focus. Note: Can be done at any time by holding Alt.
  • We couldn’t make it yet to support Sketch files created in v50+, so we added a note when trying to open such files.
  • “Infinite Canvas” is now properly intended in the page presets list in the Inspector.
  • Created proper emails for activation and password reset.


  • SVG export:
    • Elliptical fills now work correctly.
    • Text layers have correct quotes now.
    • Improved rendering of elements with inside and centered borders.
    • Fixed a problem with exporting gradients and shadows.
  • HEX input field in color dialog:
    • It’s now limited to 6 + 1 characters.
    • Disabled the mouse wheel and arrow keys.
  • Fixed that the text preview in the fonts list doesn’t match the font.
  • Exporting from “Make exportable” doesn’t add “_1” anymore to the filename.
  • Input field for the border size doesn’t loose focus anymore when smaller than “0”.

Version 3.4.1

Jul. 31, 2018


  • Fixed a bug where the dark background remained when opening a panel in the Inspector.
  • Fixed that borders didn’t scale properly in SVG export.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented elements with both inner and drop shadows from exporting to SVG and PDF.

Version 3.4

Jul. 09, 2018

We are back with the first big release of Gravit Designer after the acquisition by Corel, and it features massive improvements to exporting, mainly for SVG and PDF files. But we also have a bunch of other goodies for you. Please download Gravit Designer 3.4 here. Have got questions or found some issues (or just want to congratulate on the awesome release)? Please visit our forum.


  • Improvements to SVG export:
    • All layers names are exported as IDs now. This can be switched off in the export dialog (“Retain attributes and add IDs”).
    • The class and type of imported SVGs are now retained when exporting as an SVG. Can also be switched off from the same option as above.
    • Added a new option “Preserve editing capabilities for SVG files” in the Export dialog. When switched on, it ensures that SVGs can be properly re-imported into Gravit Designer.
    • Ellipses and circles are now created with the appropriate and tags when exported as an SVG.
    • Showing a warning message when trying to export an SVG with unsupported effects/features.
    • Enhanced the importing of SVGs considerably, including shadows, gradients and borders. This also includes improvements to the exporting capabilities.
    • The extended area caused by certain effects (blur for example) is now considered when exporting.
  • Improvements to PDF export:
    • Massively improved exporting of PDFs at high resolutions (150 and 300 dpi). The exporting process can now be canceled at any time and in case a file can’t be exported at all (if the dimensions are too large), a message is shown.
    • Drop shadows and inner shadows are now exported with the best possible quality in PDFs.
  • Optimized duplicate and copy/paste behavior.
    • Replaced clone tool with duplicate ( Ctrl/⌘ + D) and enabled smart duplicate, also for Alt-drag and groups.
    • Improved Paste in Place, in that it pastes content at the top-left of the currently selected element (shortcut  + Ctrl/⌘ + V).
    • Improved Paste inside Selection, which still clips content to the selected shape, but also pastes it at the top-left corner (new shortcut  + Ctrl/⌘ + Alt + V).
    • Added a new “Paste” sub menu in Edit in the menu bar.
    • Added a new right-click Paste Here option, that pastes content exactly at the position of the mouse cursor.
    • Added a new right-click Paste Style option, to make it more discoverable. As a reminder, the styling of an element can be copied with Ctrl/⌘ + C.
    • Content pasted onto an infinite canvas is always placed at the center of the viewport.
    • Alt-dragging now also works in the Layers panel.
  • Massive improvements to the workings of compound shapes ( Merge), including shapes with holes, compound operations involving shapes that touch each other at the edges, and compound paths intersecting multiple times in one place. Also optimized speed and performance.
  • Renamed Shading tool to Freehand shaping for more clarity and improved it, especially when holes are involved. Also, drawing a counter-clockwise shape now removes it from the original shape, drawing a clockwise non-intersecting shape adds it. Please see this video: Tip: Be sure that the shape has a border applied for the Freehand shaping tool to work correctly.
  • Improved saving, to prevent loss of progress when saving fails. Also, it’s now ensured that files have finished saving when closing the application.
  • Opening a panel in the Inspector (color picker for example) now dims the background for more visibility. This also simplifies closing panels. Please see
  • The background color can now be set for pages with an infinite canvas.
  • All file formats allow to set the background color now in the Export dialog ( File → Export → Export…)
  • Improved Light and Dark themes with additional icons in the toolbar, to make these functions more discoverable. Furthermore, you can now change between the new left-aligned icons and the former grouped appearance of the icons in the Settings.
  • Brought entire signup/login workflow as well as the user settings to Gravit Designer. No popups or external pages anymore.
  • New elements are now added on the correct position of the hierarchy in the Layers Panel, for example when adding a rectangle shape.
  • Removed all inappropriate graphics from the Libraries, to make them suitable to a wider audience.
  • Improved display of images clipped to text layers.
  • Optimized “pinch to zoom” on Mac trackpads.
  • Paths now also have proper handles to resize and rotate.
  • Improved importing of EPS files with text layers.
  • The Knife tool now also works on compound paths.
  • Renamed Shading tool to Freehand Shaping for more clarity.
  • Renamed Split selection to Ungroup selection for more clarity.
  • EPS files can now be imported from File → Import → Place image…

Notable bugfixes

  • Character spacing isn’t added at the end of text layers anymore.
  • Fixed that slices are smaller when being exported.
  • Vertical and horizontal paths (or lines) can now be rotated and flipped properly.
  • Ensured that SVGs are opened with the correct dimensions.
  • Solved multiple problems with the grid: Switching between grid types doesn’t reset the size anymore; the isometric grid isn’t synced with the normal grid anymore; properly remembering the formerly set grid settings; switching to another document unit doesn’t affect snapping anymore; fixed some rendering artifacts; limited the grid to minimal values.
  • Fixed rounding off anchor points with the right mouse button for shapes converted to a path.
  • Switching between different types of anchor points now works correctly.
  • PressingCtrl +/- (to zoom into the canvas) when an input field is focused doesn’t zoom the browser window anymore.
  • Fixed that exporting JPEGs from File → Export → JPEG from an infinite canvas used a wrong background color (black).
  • Switched off “Autoscale Borders” for newly created elements when adopting the styling from another element.
  • Template previews aren’t distorted anymore in the welcome dialog.
  • Fixed that aligning anchor points and undoing changes the appearance of the element.
  • Switching from Auto to Fixed width/height text can be properly undone now.
  • Make Exportable now exports multiple file formats properly.
  • Various bug fixes in Firefox:
    • Wrong display of certain effects.
    • Arrows of drop down menus.
    • Preview images of effects.

Version 3.3.3

May. 24, 2018


  • Critical fix for the view mode, which prevented to switch to Output view.
  • Enabled click tracking, to track usage of features. This is to learn which unused features to remove, to slim down Gravit Designer, and which highly used features to expand and improve. Please note that no user data is tracked.

Version 3.3.2

Apr. 18, 2018


  • Making a double-click on a path doesn’t select the entire path anymore.
  • Improved PDF support for certain situations with complicated paths.
  • Added a warning message when attempting to open files from cloud services such as OneDrive. Due to a bug in Electron (caused by node.js) files need to be copied to the local hard-drive to load properly for now.


  • Fixed a problem with effects, that caused unexpected lines to appear on the canvas.
  • Fixed loading files in corrupted installations.
  • When using the Transform tool, the last element doesn’t keep selected after the transformation anymore.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain fonts from being imported.

Version 3.3.1

Mar. 27, 2018


  • General improvements to EPS import.
  • Increased compatibility of old files with symbols.
  • When “Autoscale Clipped Shapes” is off, shapes in clipped groups are now anchored to the top-left to make resizing more predictable.


  • Symbols fixes: Deleting and adding a symbol creates it correctly as a master again; resetting an instance with an image works again.
  • Fixed that the Recolor effect shows correct values in input fields.
  • All icons can be dragged out correctly from the Libraries again.
  • Fixed EPS import in desktop apps.
  • Changing from English to Portuguese version works correctly again.
  • Enlarged the login window to make all options visible.
  • “Place image” works again for PDF files.

Version 3.3

Mar. 19, 2018

Please read more about this release on Medium:

Version 3.2.6

Nov. 30, 2017

Download instructions:
Linux: download here: (there are currently some caching issues with the link on
Windows: Please be sure to remove the old version before installing Gravit Designer 3.2.6.
Please note that the app store versions (Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS) may take some days until they are available.

  • More improvements to font importing: we still haven’t ironed out all bugs, but importing fonts should now work across all systems and platforms.
  • Made sure that all system fonts are now available in the desktop apps.
  • Solved a bug where a text layer is blank when added.
  • Added a warning if overlarge images are imported, that could harm the performance.
  • Switching between grid types doesn’t break the isometric grid anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box wasn’t correctly updated for nested groups.
  • Updated the iPhone presets on the welcome screen.
  • “Don’t display message again” on welcome screen missed the checkbox.
  • Made some improvements to SVG importing.
  • Clipped shapes are now resized correctly alongside other elements.
  • Fixed that Arial Black and some other fonts now display correctly.
  • Duplicating an element while the Transform tool is opened now retains the selection handles.
  • Fixed a bug where the file preview and the actual fill showed a different result.
  • Opening a new file doesn’t close old one anymore on Linux.
  • Exporting a PDF from “Make exportable” retains effects now.
  • Font weight field now shows the correct wight name instead of “Regular.”
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box didn’t show correctly for some layers.
  • Changed “Export > PDF” in the menu bar to “PDF Document (.pdf) at 72dpi” to prevent confusion about the expected output.
  • Fixed a problem with Surface Pro 4 device, that prevented filling input fields.
  • Improved loading of .gvdesign files.
  • Improved importing of PDF files.
  • Fixed PDF exporting indicator.
  • Added warning, that shows when there was a problem saving to the Gravit Cloud.
  • Performance improvements to grouping and moving elements.

Version 3.2.5


  • Border on text layers doesn’t freeze Gravit Designer anymore.
  • Alt-dragging Pages works again.
  • Moving all types of layers works smoothly again.
  • Styling gets transferred correctly between layers again.
  • There’s only one dialog now for multiple missing fonts.
  • Selecting alternatives for missing fonts works correctly again.
  • System fonts work again on all systems.
  • Performance problems solved on desktop versions.
  • Applying a border to text layers with a gradient fill works again.
  • “Split Path” is back to normal.
  • Selecting all elements of a design now really selects all objects.
  • Font-importing is also back to normal. (Some minor issues still happening, will be fixed with 3.2.6.)

Version 3.2.4


  • Fixed a bug with text layers showing a “Missing font” warning.

Version 3.2.3


  • Font importing and system fonts work across all systems now.
  • User gets warned when uploading an image, that’s too large.
  • Fixed many bugs with Symbols.
  • Application window can be moved properly again on Linux.
  • Correct text alignment icons.
  • Removed Ctrl/⌘ + S to create strike-through text while in text edit mode. Now, the document is saved instead.
  • Compound shapes can be resized and anchored properly again when inside of a group.
  • Grouping and moving elements doesn’t freeze the application anymore.
  • Fixed multiple bugs in Firefox.
  • Line-endings work correctly for all types of lines again.
  • Custom guides can be moved properly again.
  • Fixed problems with saving to the Gravit Cloud.
  • Flattening an image doesn’t create a strange grid overlay anymore.
  • Changed “Business Card” preset to the correct size of 85 x 55 mm.

Version 3.2.1 and 3.2.2


  • Fixes to the Linux build

Version 3.2

Read the related blog article:

New features

  • Symbols: The best from Sketch and Figma, combined in Gravit Designer.
  • Open recent files list.
  • New “Mask with Shape” option: Easier discoverable (new option in right-click menu), keyboard shortcut (  + Ctrl/⌘ + M), easier handing (mask can be above the content).
  • Snap Packages for Linux: Installing on Linux is now easier than ever.
  • Ability to resize layers with the keyboard
  • Groups can be created from individual layers.
  • All icons from are available in the Libraries tab.
  • New checkbox “Scale font on resizing” for text layers, that lets you decide whether the text frame is resized or the font size itself.
  • New “Flatten” option (from “Modify” in the menu bar) converts the currently selected layer or group to a flattened bitmap. This is mainly to reduce the complexity of resized images or elaborate vectors.


  • Enhanced anchoring options: It now works for groups too, not only pages.
  • Improvements to color swatches: Now they show the opacity, if they belong to the RGB or CMYK color space, they can be rearranged, and you can save and load them.
  • Improved visibility of themes: we made sure that each interface element is perfectly visible in each theme.
  • Improvements to Pages: Flip their dimensions and trim them to the content.
  • Reduced file size of desktop apps. Chinese language file isn’t downloaded with the application anymore.
  • Layers are highlighted in the Layers panel when you hover them on the canvas.
  • “Make exportable” also includes the PDF file format.
  • While showing the measurements guides with Alt, it’s still possible to move layers.
  • Assets are exported with lowercase file endings.
  • Tutorials were moved into the “Help” menu in the menu bar.
  • Checking the “Keep Ratio” switch also applies to elements that are resized on the canvas.
  • Simplified image cropping: It’s not only easier to catch the selection handles, but also to move the image inside the frame and to reset it.
  • Anchoring also works for groups, not only for individual elements.
  • Clicking on the font size field selects the value to enable quick changes.
  • The grid is now shown no matter if you switch it on in the inspector or the menu bar.
  • New checkbox “Scale font on resizing” for text layers, that lets you decide whether the text frame is resized or the font size itself.
  • And many bug fixes.


  • And many bug fixes.

Version 3.1.3

  • Improved the stability of the app
  • Alert user when saving to the cloud has intermittent issue
  • Lines will now snap to other nodes when dragging
  • Added support for text colors to the “In use” swatches
  • Added option to export text as curves for PDF
  • Fixed an issue where copy paste is broken in Safari
  • Fixed an issue where designs sometime will fail to sync to the cloud
  • Fixed an issue where Safari saving design to cloud will render broken preview image
  • Fixed an issue where copy paste objects between design will not bring over the styles
  • Fixed an issue where export design in Safari browser will hang the app
  • Fixed an issue where nothing happens when change the vector pattern
  • Fixed an issue with multiple missing fonts dialog when import a PDF
  • Fixed an issue where mac app does not open in corporate network with proxy
  • Fixed an issue where the app will take longer time to load due to the youtube api
  • Fixed an issue where apostrophes will get mess up during PDF Export
  • Fixed an issue where images exported from desktop app have the extension in full caps
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the font size field does not highlight the value
  • Fixed an issue where there are weird snapping when rotating shapes with shift key
  • Fixed an issue where the gradient handles will reset to original position when change gradient stop to another color
  • Fixed an issue where pressing Enter key in the font resize field does not apply the font size.
  • Fixed an issue where pressing ESC key does not close the font size drop down menu
  • Fixed an issue where isometric grid will give render artifacts when dragging shapes
  • Fixed an issue where lasso tool does not remove selected points when draw on them
  • Fixed an issue where open PDF Import break text frame apart for mix text styles

Version 3.1.1

  • Fixed an issue of the position of overlay when resizing window
  • Fixed an issue of the show sidebar action

Version 3.1

the related blog article:

  • International text support, including Cyrillic, Chinese, Polish, Japanese and Vietnamese.
  • Import of Sketch files: Full support except Symbols, which are imported in a flattened state for now.
  • Improved gradient editor on the canvas for linear and radial gradients.
  • Improved image saving: reduces the file size of designs including bitmaps by about 300% and improves the loading and saving time.
  • Plugin development environment: we have prepared everything for you on GitHub so that you can start developing plugins.
  • Gravit Cloud integration: upload and manage your designs right in Gravit and open them on all platforms. Exchange designs with our all new Gravit Klex.
  • Migration of old into new Gravit Designer: All users and designs are transferred from the old platform, so nothing is lost.
  • Gravit Designer fully localized to Chinese. Includes the interface, handling of text and the website.
  • Improved SVG export: now the names of groups and layers and preserved as IDs in the exported SVGs. You can also define the number of decimal places (default: 3, up to 6).
  • Measurement guides: Hold Alt to show the spacing between elements. Also, guides are now indicated in relation to the parent.
  • Fullscreen mode: Leverage the maximum space to work on your designs.
  • Improvements to “Pages”: ability to quickly duplicate pages with Alt-drag, among others.
  • More presets: for example “A” paper sizes, iPads, etc.
  • Inline Video Tutorials to get started with Gravit Designer right away.
  • Assets and templates: Choose from a multitude of different assets, such as illustrations and icons, as well as ready-made templates to be used in Gravit Designer.
  • Ability to in/decrement values in input fields in 0.1 steps with Alt.
  • And many bug fixes.

Version 3.0.5

  • Added 32-bit and portable version
  • New white and dark theme options on the welcome dialog.
  • Automatically detect used colors and order them by how many times they are used.
  • Alt click on swatches to select objects of same solid or gradient color properties
  • Copy paste text will now paste as pure text to other apps.
  • Improves the SVG import to allow most design elements from Adobe XD
  • Added Fit page command on document panel to trim transparent pixels.
  • Web fonts listing will now sort by alphabetical order.
  • SVG export will output leaner codes when export shapes with borders.
  • Fixes a few more Bacci popping out errors.
  • Fixes a bug where using alignment options on selected path nodes will align to the page instead.
  • Fixes a bug where it will give imprecise undo with Anchor feature.
  • Fixes a bug where Open Sans font weight menu should list only available styles instead of all styles.
  • Fixes a bug where texture when paste looks different from original pattern when zoom.
  • Fixes a bug where the gradient rotation control is missing from UI.
  • Fixes a bug where moving using subselect tool outside the selected paths will move other elements instead of the path itself.
  • Fixes a bug where copy paste image does not work.
  • Fixes a bug where print function does not work for Mac app.
  • Fixes a bug where opened designs will lose linked to master pages.
  • Fixes a bug where texture fill will render grey fill when performing images via copy paste.

Version 3.0.4

  • Added version number on new document dialog window
  • Improve UX when user change a transparent color to a solid color using eyedropper will always render the color as 100% opacity
  • Temporary removed system fonts from browser and chrome version until is ready
  • More bugfixes with Bacci error popping up
  • Fixes a bug where colors from palette can now be assigned to current gradient stop without reset to solid fill
  • Fixes a bug for ChromeOS when overwrite an existing file from gravit that the file is not being either truncated or deleted prior to writing the new data.
  • Fixes a bug where Mirror effect doe not work when object has Inner or Drop Shadow
  • Fixes a bug where a selected shape does not assign share style when creating it
  • Fixes a bug when opening of svg, pdf and images using place/import on chromeOS app

Version 3.0.3

  • 40+ Bugfixes with errors popping up
  • Web Fonts and System Fonts now fully functional
  • Improved Subselection handling

Version 3.0.0


  • Submit Gravit Designer app to Mac and Windows app store for approval.
  • Added web links product homepage, change log and blog on welcome dialog popup.
  • Better swatches where global colors are the ones that will be available across all documents whereas you’ll only be able to use Document Colors in that particular document. Gradient and patterns are included too.
  • Shared Styles for fills, borders, effects and text of multiple elements. Use the “Sync” button to apply the new style changes to all its instances.


  • Added opacity and blending mode support for groups
  • Remembered last directory of inserted images or working folder. It will also always start in the directory of current open document if there’s no last directory yet.
  • Improved the responsiveness of Layers panel for selection of multiple objects at once.
  • Added the current measure unit to the ruler.
  • Added “Show Effects” under view menu to allow disable of all effects.
  • Improved the zoom amount so now can view faster with mouse wheel scroll.
  • Improved Split path so it will select the path nodes after split for both open and closed paths.
  • Enable appearance properties for elements without fill style.
  • Added error dialog window.
  • Added context menu for Layers to allow easy access to selected objects.
  • Improved the sub-selection of nodes behavior when working with paths.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where file opened in Linux will not work with pan tool and won’t be able to select master page.
  • Fixes a bug when show or hide outline or inspector panel, the objects on canvas view show render issue.
  • Fixes a bug where dragging a group object messes its selection box.
  • Fixes a bug where polygon shapes with border center and outside gets trim off when resize.
  • Fixes a bug where canvas will give painting artifact when width or height is set to zero value.
  • Fixes a bug when using Select all (Ctrl + A) is selecting items from all pages when it should select only the items from current page.
  • Fixes a bug where Outline panel will not load correctly when load.
  • Fixes a bug where cannot undo back to original color after paste style is applied.
  • Fixes a bug when nothing selected command + “zoom” does not aim at center of the screen.
  • Fixes a bug where the ruler text measure are rendering blurry in non retina displays.
  • Fixes a bug where paste style for text will also duplicate original text from clipboard to other text object.
  • Fixes a bug when shift click to select multiple groups on Layers panel, it will expand the groups instead of just selecting them.
  • Fixes a bug where clipped object does not conform to the compound shape.
  • Fixes a bug where the subselect is not working for the paths clipped inside the compound path.
  • Fixes a bug when 2 or more objects selected, the alignment should respect the area of selection and not the page.
  • Fixes a bug where after adding slice using Export panel, the app will kind of freeze.
  • Fixes a bug where SVG are not exporting single rounded corners shapes correctly.
  • Fixes a bug where rounded polygon shape after duplicate does not retain its corners correctly.
  • Fixes a bug where JPEG in PDF does not export correctly to CMYK colors.
  • Fixes a bug when you input the width or height for group object will not resize the object at all and give render issue.

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