Powerful Graphics Tools for Precise Design​

Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design, presentations, or social media—or just like creating cool art—Gravit Designer PRO gives you all the power, precision, and flexibility you need to unleash your creativity. ​

Accessible everywhere

  • Available at any desktop platform - Mac OS, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS
  • Design from any place. All you need is a decent browser and an Internet connection.
  • Works online, but if you prefer Gravit can work offline too.
  • Built with top web technologies such as WebGL, HTML Canvas, JavaScript
  • Leverage directly the power of your Graphics Processor with our new accelerated rendering engine
  • With the built-in auto-update mechanism you will always be with the latest and greatest Gravit version. We are constantly making improvements, baking new features and ironing bugs.

Easy to use for beginners, yet powerful enough for professionals

  • A streamlined interface that helps you accomplish more in less time
  • Full control is at your fingertips when you need it, thanks to our modern context-sensitive approach to the user interface
  • Beginners will find the clean and uncluttered interface easy and fun to use.
  • Professionals can benefit from many of Gravit’s hidden powers.
  • Non-destructive editing in almost all operations gives you peace of mind and ability to revisit your artwork at any time.
  • Powerful Free version, even mightier Pro version - in both cases Gravit is a highly productive design tool

Easy to learn and use

  • Smooth learning curve without unnecessary complexity.
  • Extensive online documentation
  • Respect industry standard conventions (Shortcuts, Modifier keys, Command names) for an intuitive start when you switch from another product.
  • Examine the bundled example projects in various design areas to learn the basics and best practices fast New
  • Rich tooltips allow you to instantly find what the tools and commands do along with the available shortcuts.

Unlimited flexibility

  • One universal solution for your creative needs, Perfect fit for diverse design work including Illustration, UI and screen design mockups, Printed Artwork, Branding and Logo design,
  • Suitable even for non-typical design disciplines such as laser cutting and game assets design
  • Powerful Vector based engine allows you to design with tremendous precision at any scale from tiny UI icons to a huge Graffiti Wall size artwork and everything in between.

Cloud integration

  • Save or Sync your projects to the Gravit cloud to have access to them at any time and place. Save files locally when going offline. You can sync them later.
  • Built-in Version History for files saved in the cloud - allows you to roll back up to 20 of your last saved design iterations
  • Full featured file management
  • Search files and folders.
  • Unlimited folder structure.
  • List and Thumbnail view.
  • Sorting by creation date, update date, name,
  • Sync with the desktop. If the version at your hard drive differs from stored in the cloud, Gravit will ask you which one you want to keep.

Adapts to the way you work

  • Choose between light or dark user interface.
  • Uncomplicated settings give you control on Gravit Designer behavior without overwhelming you with unnecessary riddles.
  • Available in 14 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Polish, Russian, Turkish, Czech, Dutch

Start fast

  • Kickstart your creations with the diverse and professionally designed templates
  • Preset canvas sizes in popular categories - Print, Social media, Common Website dimensions, Device Screen sizes
  • Search among thousands of premade design assets (Shapes, Illustrations, Icons, Emojis, Stickers, Frames, and Lines). Use them for free in your projects.
  • Access a huge number of quality free fonts in multiple languages via the built-in Google fonts library


Wide range of industry standard Input and Output file formats for excellent compatibility with other products.  Inclusive file formats allow for a flawless collaboration with other designers, developers and clients.

Open and Import

  • Gvdesign - native Gravit file container
  • PDF - Portable Document Format
  • AI, Adobe® Illustrator® files (saved with a PDF compatibility option)
  • SVG, SVGZ, Scalable Vector Graphics
  • EPS, Encapsulated PostScript
  • Sketch files (until version 49)
  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF (static or only first frame if it is animated)
  • Clipboard content as an image, SVG vectors or a text

Navigate through your design

  • Go Fullscreen with a simple shortcut to have a complete and unobstructed view of your canvas without tools and panels on the way
  • Have multiple views of the same file at different zoom levels for quickly switching to a different point of interest
  • Zoom up to 25,600% - allows you to take a good look even to the tiniest design details
  • Quickly zoom to all elements, to the current selection or to actual size
  • Zoom around mouse location or use shortcuts to instantly switch to common zoom levels
  • Smooth zoom and pan even with very complex design files
  • Instantly Pan around your artwork with the space key or with the middle mouse button
  • Peek at the vector skeleton structure with the help of Outline view
  • Create a simple fullscreen presentation from your pages. Navigate with arrow keys or spacebar. Hit Esc to exit. Exactly how you expect it to be.


  • Flexible output size controls including: dpi setting, @2x, @3x, custom width or height shortcuts (100w or 512h)
  • SVG, SVGZ - with the ability to retain Gravit specific properties and those files can be opened back as they are native Gvdesign files. Convert text to curves at the export time to retain the exact look of text objects. Retain Class and Type attributes and add object names as IDs for easier development. Custom background color with full transparency support
  • PNG 32bit including alpha channel, custom background color with full transparency support
  • JPEG - custom size including dpi settings, intuitive quality setting with real-time preview, custom background color
  • PDF (version 1.7) - convert text to curves at the export time to retain the exact appearance of text objects, Multipage PDF from documents with several pages, Choose which pages will be exported. Remove effects, Custom size including dpi settings, RGB or CMYK output
  • Assets export - mark multiple areas in your artwork as exportable and export all of them in one go.
  • Export multiple versions of the same asset with an optional suffix
  • Use slices to export an arbitrary portion of the canvas. Automatically trim transparent areas. Control background color. Multiple export formats and resolutions from a single slice, along with optional suffix. Create slices from the selection in one click.

Advanced Vector editing

Intuitive and powerful vector toolset. Sharp and vivid vector graphics at any size. Unprecedented precision in editing down to a fraction of a pixel

Smart shapes

  • Smart shape primitives with magic control points for fast and flexible geometric shape creation - rounded rectangles, ellipses, arcs, pies, polygons, and stars.
  • Create perfect straight lines and proportional shapes with a Shift modifier key - rectangles, circles, polygons or stars
  • Start drawing from the center point with Alt modifier key or move the shapes while creating them with Space key

Convert to path

  • Convert primitive shapes, compound shapes and text to editable vector paths.
  • Smart convert to path command - makes a path from shapes, but keeps rounded corners editable.
  • Use Convert to a RAW path to remove editable rounded corners.


  • Unique Background fill type allowing you to easily pass adjustments and effects to underlying objects.
  • Precise controls for gradient fills on the Inspector panel
  • Adjust gradients directly on the shape itself in real-time - color, transparency, color stops placement, size, position, and rotation.
  • Advanced texture fill controls matching CSS background-image properties coupled with easy presets for fast design.
  • Use the bottommost texture alpha channel as a transparency mask
  • Copy any object from the canvas and use it as a texture fill. Design your own textures or use any image that Gravit can import as a texture.
  • Several noise fill types can be mixed with other fills to add realistic grain texture to your vector objects. Combine noise with blending, opacity and blur for interesting creative results.

Sophisticated vector path manipulation

  • State-of-the-art pen tool allows for a fast and precise custom vector path creation.
  • Bezigon tool - provide means for creating perfect curves with any attempt.
  • Temporarily switch to subselect tool with a keypress while constructing the path with the Pen tool. Adjust and continue working without any interruption
  • Knife tool that can cut through multiple objects and make curved cuts
  • Quickly make complex subpath selections and transform points with our powerful Lasso tool

Multifunctional Subselect tool

  • Select and edit path points
  • Click to add a point on the path
  • Rubber band path editing - point and drag the curve to elastically modify the curvature
  • Control special points on smart primitives to change the corner radius, arc and pie angles, and many other smart parameters of the shapes
  • Crop Images

Versatile Pointer tool - select, move, rotate

  • After shape creation, the pointer tool is automatically selected to modify the shape instantly. Want to make several shapes quickly? Hold the tool shortcut and draw them one after another.
  • Edit objects inside groups without the need to ungroup them. Every click goes further into the group hierarchy and all available properties are exposed in the Inspector panel
  • Instantly select deeply nested objects with a Ctrl/Cmd + click. No more insane clicking to reach deeply nested objects inside groups
  • Use the context menu to select overlapping, nested or otherwise hard to reach objects
  • Working with complex artwork can be hard. Multiple overlapping elements are hard to manage. That is why Gravit provides 2 alternative selection modes. Every object that is touched by selection marquee will be selected. If you hold Alt only fully enclosed objects will be affected.

Freehand vector drawing and shaping

  • The freehand tool allows you to draw freeform vector paths with automatic smoothing
  • Use freehand shaping tool to sculpt every selected vector object. Add or remove parts to enrich the hand-drawn look of your artwork.

Live Boolean Operations

  • with nested compound shapes support - union, subtract, intersect and difference.
  • The resulting compound shapes are editable at any time. Create complex shapes effortlessly and edit them at any point in the future.
  • You can even change the compound type after you create the shape in the Inspector panel.
  • Smart primitives retain their control (magic) properties even if they are a part of a compound group/shape

Object styling

  • Non-destructive objects styling including multiple fills, borders, adjustments and effects, as well as complete control of transparency and blending mode.
  • Instantly adjust the appearance of objects by changing the order of fills, borders, and effects via simple drag & drop.
  • A rich selection of fill types - solid color, linear gradient, radial gradient, angular (conical) gradient, texture, and noise. Can be applied for fills as well as borders.


  • Advanced border controls for every border individually.
  • Define joins, ends, and position.
  • Custom dashed or dotted border patterns
  • Choose from more than 10 predefined line ends (Arrowheads). Or make your own. Turn every solid vector object to a custom line end and control position and size.
  • Optionally Auto-scale border width together with object

All the anchor point joint types you need

  • Straight joint
  • Mirrored joint
  • Disconnected joint
  • Asymmetric joint
  • Connector joint - provide a smooth transition from a straight to a curved vector segments
  • Auto Asymmetric - magic joint type for perfectly balanced curves
  • Quickly switch between anchor types with double click on the anchor point
  • Change the node type with the Alt modifier key while drawing with Pen tool
  • Anchor point snapping for precise shape geometry
  • Numeric coordinates control for every single anchor point

Powerful vector manipulations

  • Join and Split paths
  • Expand or Shrink path contours
  • Convert path to an outline
  • Vectorize border - converts borders to filled objects.
  • Convert raster images to vector groups with one click via Vectorize image command
  • Control over the winding fill rule
  • Cut paths at selected points with Break Curve command

Live Corners

  • Round every sharp anchor point via the corner slider in the inspector panel or directly on screen via dragging the middle mouse button
  • Choose from 5 corner styles
  • Works non-destructively - change the radius or corner style at any time
  • Optionally scale corners with the object
  • Change roundness of individual points, multiple selected or manage all of them at once

Object Transformations and Distribution

  • Precise placement and size on every object in 2D space
  • Up to 6 decimal places of accuracy
  • Work with physical (real-life) units like inches, centimeters or millimeters for print related projects or stick to pixels for the screen-based design output
  • Snap to full pixel values - One click snapping to full or half pixels
  • Automatically snap to the same distance while duplicating objects with the mouse
  • Change stacking order (z-axis) with shortcuts, toolbar buttons or in the Layers panel​
  • Respect grouping while moving forward/backward with shortcuts. Smart Arrange - change the z-order of objects inside the parent structure - layers, groups, clipping groups for more predictable results
  • Quickly Flip and Rotate at clockwise/counterclockwise with convenient buttons in the toolbar
  • Shift to constrain. Constrain movement, rotation, and proportions with the shift key.

Powerful Aligning and Distributing system

  • Align to edges and center points of the selection
  • Align to page limits
  • Use locked objects as a key object for alignments
  • Make the object same width or height - works with the canvas if only one object is selected
  • One click distributing objects at equal distances - horizontally or vertically
  • Distribute at a specific distance using Advanced Transform panel
  • Align and Distribute commands work inside the parent element for intuitive results

Grids, Guides, Snapping and other Layout helpers

  • Rectangular / Square grid
  • Isometric grid with custom angles control
  • Snap shapes and points to grid lines
  • Show rulers and drag guidelines on the canvas to align design elements with ease
  • Distance guides - show distances between objects with the press of a button. Works even while moving objects to give you a real-time feedback of exact distances.
  • The distance can be shown between siblings or against parent object
  • Multiple snapping choices to assist you in precisely placing objects and anchor points.
  • Granular control over different snapping options. Turn on or off snapping to Page boundaries, Grid, Guide lines, Full pixels, Anchor points and Shape bounding boxes.
  • Overwhelmed with too many snapping candidates? Turn on Snap Zones option to take control and snap only to the side that you have grabbed and omit other possibilities
  • Temporarily disable snapping with a Ctrl modifier key.
  • Show smart guides when objects are at equal distance from each other.

Advanced Transform panel

  • with nested compound shapes support - union, subtract, intersect and difference.
  • The resulting compound shapes are editable at any time. Create complex shapes effortlessly and edit them at any point in the future.
  • You can even change the compound type after you create the shape in the Inspector panel.
  • Smart primitives retain their control (magic) properties even if they are a part of a compound group/shape
  • Apply various transformations at once and make multiple copies

Power user tricks

  • Simple mathematical operations for instant calculations - add, subtract, multiplicate or divide any numbers right inside a numeric value field
  • If you click inside any numeric field you can scroll with the mouse wheel to change its value. Hold Shift and you can accelerate 10 times faster. For more precise control hold Alt and you will change values at 0.1 increments.
  • Enter Edit mode with enter key and exit with esc keys. Every object has a dedicated edit mode that allows you to edit various aspects of it.
  • Smart Duplicate - Instantly make repeating object patterns by copying the last transformations (movement, scale, and rotation) to the next duplicate.

Image editing

  • Non-destructive Crop, Scale and Clip images
  • Flexible Crop mode with the ability to move and rotate the image and crop area as well as apply live rounded corners.
  • One click reset the image to its original dimensions
  • Link external images for reducing file size (Desktop version only)
  • Replace image. Changes the source bitmap while keeping all the adjustments that are made to the original image intact. For example work on design comp with a watermarked image from stock photo library and then replace with the original when the design is approved.
  • Grab the 8 dominant colors from any image on the canvas, automatically creating a palette, and use them in your designs
  • Rasterize every selection to a new bitmap object. Flatten will take into account current document pixel density and rasterize your artwork accordingly.
  • Live adjustments and effects that can be stacked and saved as a shared style for further use
  • Change Color Hue, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Vibrance
  • Remove noise from low light photos
  • Bring back the details with Unsharp mask
  • Add grain to achieve a more natural look with Noise effect
  • Combine Sepia effect with noise and texture to achieve “Old photo” effect
  • Instantly apply Instagram like filters with Color grading effect
  • With more than 30 bundled effects the possibilities are limitless

Unmatched flexibility for organizing your design projects

  • Structure your design files with multiple pages
  • Have unlimited levels of layer groups (folders), groups, compound shapes, objects, and clipping paths.
  • Not to mention the almighty symbols for your responsive design needs.
  • All of the above can be nested one inside another. Infinitely.
  • Turn ordinary groups or layer groups into frames - bringing object anchoring into play. It takes just a click
  • Take a glance at your design structure in the hierarchical view of Layers panel. Here you can directly select, move, rename, group, lock, hide and clip objects
  • Layers panel will automatically scroll to show you the currently selected objects inside view. Objects are always highlighted no matter how deeply nested they are inside document hierarchy

Object clipping

  • Clip multiple objects and groups inside a single shape
  • Drag and drop to clip objects inside a clipping path directly in Layers panel
  • Easily move clipped object by their center control point.
  • Choose whenever to automatically scale clipped content along with the parent clipping path
  • Combine mask blending mode with clipping and overlay effect for complex transparency effects


  • Convert repeating design elements to symbols for easy reuse. Maintain consistent design and make design changes at scale.
  • Unlimited symbol nesting - you can put symbols inside symbols for ultimate flexibility
  • Once you modify the master symbol all instances will change accordingly across all pages
  • Powerful symbol overrides - make unlimited changes in the symbol instances independently from the master to provide variety while keeping the link to the original design
  • One click resets any change to the instance and reverts some or all changes
  • Detach instance to break the link to the original master symbol and continue editing it as a separate object
  • Instantly swap symbol instances from a simple dropdown menu
  • Use Anchors to constraint sub-elements for responsive designs

Shared styles

  • Save and reuse fills, borders, effect stacks, as well as all the character or paragraph properties of a text object
  • Change at one place and synchronize across your design to keep it consistent
  • Extreme flexibility by allowing granular control of what is included in style definition - for example, you can use only effects or text properties without syncing fills and borders
  • Easily manage Styles in Style Organizer dialog
  • Apply a shared style to multiple objects at once
  • Unlink a shared style at any time


  • Use presets to rapidly start designing for standard paper sizes or popular device screens.
  • Change the page orientation from Portrait to Landscape with a click.
  • Clip content to hide objects outside the canvas area and see how your design will look on the output media
  • Export multipage PDF from documents with several pages. Rearrange and name pages as they will be seen in the exported PDF. Skip unnecessary pages at export.
  • Design for multiple stationary, social media, or banner variants in one file
  • Toggle between Single and multipage view mode to see all your pages one at a time or all together
  • Use master pages to reuse elements such as borders, backgrounds, and headers. All changes in master pages will be reflected instantly. You can have multiple master pages in one design file.
  • Duplicate pages to make modifications over the existing design
  • Trim page size to contain all the elements placed inside the canvas or to remove excess white space.
  • Choose Infinite Canvas to design without boundaries. Great for exploration phase where you want to iterate ideas quickly.
  • Set page margins and bleed for professional print output
  • Have gradients and textures as page backgrounds. You can even change page background transparency.


  • Anchoring allows you to resize your layout mockup to fit any size automatically and spending less time reworking design for different sizes.
  • Constraint element size or placement relative to its parent container
  • You can Anchor elements inside a Page, Layer group in frame mode, Group in frame mode or in a symbol.

Powerful paste function

  • Paste inside shape - allows you to instantly clip artwork within shape
  • Paste Here - place clipboard content at the current mouse position
  • Paste Style - copy, then transfer style to currently selected objects. Fills, Borders, Effects and Text properties are transferred
  • Paste in Place - the pasted content will be placed on top of current selection at the same X and Y coordinates

Text and Typography

Basic and Advanced Character and Paragraph controls

  • Font family, Font Weight and Font Style selector, Font size,
  • Full control of Line height (Leading), Word and Character spacing (Tracking),
  • Paragraph alignment and justification, paragraph spacing and indent
  • Manual kerning
  • Support for Superscript and Subscript
  • Live text case transforms - Uppercase, Lowercase, Capitalize
  • Common OpenType features such as Ligatures, Fractions, Small Caps

Efficient Text boxes

  • Multiple text styles in one text box.
  • Smart textbox resizing with text reflow
  • Apply multiple fills and borders to text boxes. Gradients and textures included.
  • Clip images and other objects inside the text and still edit the text and its properties.
  • Automatic and fixed width or height text boxes
  • Vertical alignment in fixed height text boxes
  • Optionally scale fonts on resizing the text box
  • Quickly change font size with the red on-screen control handle

Attach text to a path or shape

  • Both inside or outside the shape
  • Control the distance from the contour
  • Adjust starting point on the canvas
  • Click on the shape contour with the text tool and start typing. The text will be attached to path automatically
  • All text properties are fully editable while the text is attached to a path

Word processor grade editing

  • Editing text feels natural with common functionality found in word processor apps
  • Common shortcuts: Ctrl/Cmd + B, Ctrl/Cmd + A, Ctrl/Cmd + I, Ctrl/Cmd + U
  • Double and triple click to select words and paragraphs
  • Shift-select
  • Paste unformatted text with Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + V
  • Paragraphs and Soft breaks with the Enter key or Shift + Enter
  • Instantly insert a placeholder text (Lorem Ipsum).
  • Numbered and bulleted list styles New

Design with all the fonts and languages you need

  • Upload and use custom fonts - True Type Font - (TTF), Open Type Format (OTF), TrueType Collection (TTC), Datafork TrueType (DFONT) are supported
  • Access complete Google Fonts library
  • System fonts - use any font installed on your OS (desktop version only)
  • Live Font Previews on the canvas while browsing through the font list with arrow keys
  • Search by Font name
  • Quickly select and replace the currently selected font in the whole design from the context menu
  • Optionally Save the font outline with the file to be able to preview the design accurately without the need to install the missing fonts
  • Substitute missing fonts at opening the file
  • Support most of the languages and scripts in the world - Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese, and many more. You can even use Runic characters inside Gravit.
  • Right-to-Left (RTL), Left-to-Right (LTR), and Top-to-Bottom (TTB) writing directions are supported as well

...and much more!

Integration with OS (available in the desktop version)

  • Drag & Drop assets directly from OS on the canvas
  • System Clipboard integration - copy/paste between different apps
  • System fonts - access all installed fonts in your OS
  • Link external images - any change made to the image outside Gravit will be reflected when the design is opened next time

Live effects & Adjustments

  • Experiment with over 35 effects and adjustments arranged into popular categories
  • All live effects & adjustments are non-destructive
  • Effects can be rearranged and temporally hidden. You can even adjust if the effect is applied to the whole object, only borders or only fills.
  • You can save Adjustments and effect stacks with their setting as a style and apply to other objects easily.
  • Several blur types including popular background blur, zoom, tilt-shift or lens blur for a realistic depth of field effect,
  • Shadows, including drop, inner and solid shadow as well as our unique contact shadow and curved shadow,
  • Full range of adjustments - color, contrast, sharpness, noise and denoise filters, Saturation and vibrance,
  • Mirror, Inner and outer glows, Overlay with color and gradients (optionally use as transparency mask)
  • Different distortion effects such as fisheye or bend,
  • Section with Artistic effects are available as well
  • Instagram like - Color grade filter
  • And many more

Valuable tools for developers

  • Measure distances between objects with a click
  • Copy HEX code from fill/border properties
  • See how the design should behave at different sizes by looking at how the elements are anchored or directly resize frames and symbols
  • Export multiple assets in one go
  • Export SVG files with IDs and Attributes

Blending modes

  • Modify how the object(s) will blend with the underlying elements by choosing from a huge list of blending modes.
  • Gravit comes bundled with 30 Blending Modes including all those defined in CSS, SVG and PDF specifications. but provides several unique ones. Such as Harmonic, Sine, Power. As well as Mask and Invert mask for even greater creative freedom.
  • Additionally, you can change blending mode for every fill and border separately.
  • Browse through blend modes with the arrow keys to see the effect instantly applied.


  • Color picker with RGB, HSB, and CMYK color modes.
  • HEX color input
  • Color eyedropper with a built-in magnifier to accurately pick a color from anywhere on the canvas
  • Palette with Common colors & Grayscale
  • Colors in Use palette - automatically created and updated on design change - helps you keep the design consistent
  • Custom Global and Document swatches with the ability to import and export custom and popular color palettes
  • Mixers for tint, shades, tones, from a current color
  • Instantly select all instances a given color is used and make a quick adjustment to all of them

Are you ready to unlock your creativity?