Powerful Graphics Tools for Precise Design​

Whether you’re working on graphics for marketing materials, websites, icons, UI design, presentations, or social media—or just like creating cool art—Gravit Designer PRO gives you all the power, precision, and flexibility you need to unleash your creativity.

Accessible everywhere

Easy to use for beginners, yet powerful enough for professionals

Easy to learn and use

Start fast

Unlimited flexibility

Touch interface

Auto Save

Cloud integration

Adapts to the way you work


Wide range of industry standard Input and Output file formats for excellent compatibility with other products.  Inclusive file formats allow for a flawless collaboration with other designers, developers and clients.

Open and Import

Navigate through your design


Advanced Vector editing

Intuitive and powerful vector toolset. Sharp and vivid vector graphics at any size. Unprecedented precision in editing down to a fraction of a pixel

Smart shapes

Convert to path


Sophisticated vector path manipulation

Multifunctional Subselect tool

Versatile Pointer tool - select, move, rotate

Freehand vector drawing and shaping

Live Boolean Operations

Object styling


All the anchor point joint types you need

Powerful vector manipulations

Live Corners

Object Transformations and Distribution

Powerful Aligning and Distributing system

Grids, Guides, Snapping and other Layout helpers

Advanced Transform panel

Power user tricks

Image editing

Unmatched flexibility for organizing your design projects

Object clipping


Shared styles



Powerful paste function

Text and Typography

Basic and Advanced Character and Paragraph controls

Efficient Text boxes

Attach text to a path or shape

Word processor grade editing

Design with all the fonts and languages you need

...and much more!

Integration with OS (available in the desktop version)

Share your designs

Live effects & Adjustments

Valuable tools for developers

Blending modes


Are you ready to unlock your creativity?