Gravit Designer 2020-1.3

The newest version of Gravit Designer, 2020-1.3, is fresh out of the oven and filled with great (and much-awaited) new features, besides big improvements and lots of bug fixes! Read on to know the highlights of this incredible update. 

Touchscreen version 

This is a feature that’s been much requested since Gravit Designer’s first years of existence, and yes, now it’s here: you can experience Gravit Designer PRO entirely adapted for touch devices, with the full functionality and capacity from the desktop version. Currently, it is available for supported tablets and PCs with touch and stylus capability. Read more about designing with a touchscreen.

Touchscreen Vector Design


Yet another feature that’s been requested a lot, the Auto-save function is here as well. Now every Gravit Designer file that you have already stored on Gravit Cloud is saved automatically, every 5 minutes, if changes are made to the design. This time interval can be changed on the Settings, and Auto-save can also be disabled if you want. Check the video to learn more

The Auto-save is, of course, an addition to the manual saving you already know. 

Real-time collaboration 

With the Real-time collaboration feature, users can collaborate with each other in real-time when sharing a file, with comments and annotations. This interaction will be possible with the use of the new Comments panel, located on the right part of the User Interface, next to the Inspector panel. There, the collaborators will find tools to create comments and annotations directly on the canvas for the other collaborators to see and interact: 

Share your designs

A new Share dialog is also available, where it’s possible to create a link for general or private sharing, with new roles to attribute to the users who have access to the file: 

Design file sharing and collaboration

Take a more in-depth look at the new Real-time collaboration feature.

Rich Enhanced tooltips 

With a better onboarding experience for new users in mind, all tooltips have been enhanced to include a brief summary of how the selected tool works along with a direct link to more detailed information in our User Guide

Some of these tooltips include even a short video showing how to use the tool or function. See this feature in Gravit Designer now or check out this video for a preview.

Improvements to the interface 

Continue improving the experience of the users is high priority for us, and as such we are bringing a series of improvements to Gravit Designer’s interface with the newest release. Starting with the Pages panel, which now has its own context menu on right click with some useful options: 

Interface improvements

Also, now when in Mulitpage mode, while hovering a page on the canvas, its correspondent is highlighted on the Pages panel, and vice-versa. Another part of the UI to receive improvement is the Fills, Border and Effects panels, as all three received their own context menus on right-click with useful options. Preview the feature in this video.

The File tabs were also greatly improved, also having now a context menu on right-click for each file, and the possibility to rearrange them on the bar. Managing the tabs is also much easier now, as the current active file is always visible no matter how many tabs are open, and a dropdown on the right shows all opened tabs. Preview the feature in this video.

Even more additions to the app 

After the big highlights, here’s what else you’ll find in the New Features section from version 2020-1.3: 

Function History and Undo List 
Each action performed by the user will be tracked in a list so that it’s possible to easily go backward or forward on the commands used on the file. This menu is available on the dropdown right next to the Undo icon. 

Example files on the Welcome Screen 
For new and existing users, the Gravit Cloud now offers a number of example files to get you started quickly and check some of the outstanding features and capabilities of the app. You’ll find complete examples of design of an App, Website, Logo, Icons, Restaurant Menu and a complete Illustration. 

Change values on any input field with scrubbing 
When hovering over input fields such as Width/Height, Border thickness, Opacity etc., it’s possible now to increase or decrease the number of that field by simply clicking and dragging up or down (aka scrubbing), as you can see in this video

Auto-pan when reaching the edge of the screen 
When dragging an object and reaching the edge of the viewport, it should now pan automatically, making the drawing flow much more effortless. The same happens while creating a selection or adding a new element on the canvas. 

A series of improvements 
New features aside, we strive to always continue improving the user experience of Gravit Designer. Here are some of the main improvements that came with version 2020-1.3: 

… and that is just to name a few! You can check for more details and the complete list of Features, Improvements, and the (many!) Bug Fixes on the release’s official Changelog.

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