Design like a pro with professional-grade features

Gravit Designer

  • 500MB Cloud Storage
  • PDF export (72 and 150 DPI)
  • Color Space (RGB only)
  • Work Offline
  • Touchscreen support
  • Advanced Export Options
  • Version History

Gravit Designer PRO

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • PDF Export (Up to 300dpi)
  • Color Space (CMYK, HSB, and RGB)
  • Work Offline
  • Fully Adapted for Touch-enabled devices
  • Advanced Export Options
  • Version History

Gravit Designer vs Gravit Designer PRO

Full feature comparison matrix

  • Gravit Designer
  • Gravit Designer PRO
Gravit DesignerGravit Designer PRO
Work offline
Use our desktop app so you don’t have to depend on a internet connection.

Not available

Full support
Cloud storage
Keep your designs safe, synced, and available across platforms.
500 MBUnlimited
Google Drive integration
Access your existing Google Drive files and create new ones directly from within Gravit Designer.

Not available

Full support
Touch Enabled
Use Gravit Designer fully adapted for touch-enabled devices, available for iOS, Android, ChromeOS and Windows.

Not available

Full support
PDF export
Share your designs and create print-ready documents.
72 and 150 DPIUp to 300 DPI
Color spaces
Choose the color space that’s perfect for your project.
RGB onlyCMYK, HSB, and RGB
SVG Export
Advanced SVG export with additional web development options.

Default export only

Full support
Illustrator, EPS & Sketch import
Bring in existing files from other applications plus PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG and keep working on them.

Default PNG, JPG, PDF, and SVG

Full support
Advanced export options
Including the ability to set the resolution or export individual assets for all supported formats (PNG, JPG, PDF, SVG).

Not available

Full support
Reuse existing elements
Enjoy advanced symbol features & combine them with shared styles to create a personal design system.
No symbol nesting and overrides or shared styles
Full support
Extended font support
Use your system fonts in the desktop application or upload any number of additional fonts.

Web fonts and system fonts only

Full support
Numbered and bulleted lists
Numbered and bulleted lists with various styles for text layers.

Not available

Full support
Non-destructive effects
From shadows to blurs, artistic filters and distortions.
Master pages
Create multi-page layouts and mirror content for ultimate reusability.

Not available

Full support
Color swatches
Save custom colors and reuse them easily throughout your creations.

Not available

Full support
Advanced path tools
The Bezigon tool makes drawing perfect curves a snap.

Not available

Full support
Version history
Go back to an older version of your projects saved on the Gravit Cloud to restore a critical element. Up to 20 past versions available.

Not available

Full support
Advanced type support
Give your text elements a new style with controls for subscript, superscript, ligatures, fractions, text transformations, and paragraph spacing.

Not available

Full support
File sharing
Create a link to share files with co-designers, clients, friends, and social media.
Public link sharing onlyPublic & Private link sharing
Reviewer and Approval roles
Give collaborators a reviewer or approver role in the shared file approval flow.

Not available

Full support
Extended Undo list
Access the file collaboration action list to easily restore previous versions of a file when collaborating.

Not available

Full support
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Gravit Designer PRO Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after the trial period of Gravit Designer PRO is over?

When logging in or signing up for a new Gravit account, you have the option to enter into a trial of Gravit Designer PRO. This allows you to try all the PRO features for a short period of time. You can see how many days are left in your trial in the yellow countdown banner on the bottom-right.

After the trial is over, you transition into Gravit Designer, our free version. The PRO features are not available in Gravit Designer. Please see the comparison table above. You can use Gravit Designer for as long as you want without any costs. If you want to keep using the PRO features after the trial expires, you need to buy a subscription.

How can I activate Gravit Designer PRO?​

There’s no need to activate your PRO version. After you purchase a subscription, you will automatically be using the PRO version and have access to all of the PRO features. You’ll know your subscription has been successfully activated when you see Gravit Designer PRO on the welcome screen (“Help → Show welcome screen” in the menu bar), but don’t see the yellow countdown banner on the bottom-right. Please refer to this screenshot. When you see both, you are still in trial.

Can I use the free version of Gravit Designer without any costs?

Yes, you can use it for as long as you want, no matter if for private or commercial projects. This also includes the assets you find in Gravit Designer (web fonts, libraries, and templates). Have fun!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

At Corel we’re proud of our products and we’re confident that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase. That’s why we offer the Corel 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Buy Gravit Designer PRO today and if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, Corel will refund your money based on your original method of payment. When you contact us about a return, your Corel Customer Service Representative may inquire about your products and experience.

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