Touchscreen Vector Design

Touch design

Background on touch technology in Design  Touch is the most widely used technology to build new solutions today, and of course, we at Gravit Designer would not miss this. Touch technology has been gaining so much importance that some new apps are released exclusively for mobile devices, not even going through the Web first.  A touchscreen is, by definition, an electronic visual […]

Why Gravit Designer is a great Adobe Illustrator alternative

If you work in some visual field like illustration, UI design, print design or even web development, it is almost sure that you use or already used Adobe Illustrator at some point. However, the monthly fee and the extensive learning curve can be quite intimidating. Guess who comes in as an alternative? Well, Gravit Designer, […]

3 Unexpected Things You Can Do With a Slice Tool

In today’s design tool tutorial, you will learn how to use a Slice Tool. I will guide you through the step-by-step process of the creation of the slice for export, I will explain how to adjust the background, size, and position of the slice to suit your needs. Then I am going to show you […]

These 13 Features Will Boost Your Design Productivity

After all the time working and designing with Gravit Designer I have acquired a lot experience and now, I want to share it with everyone can have a faster design process. Math can really help you out You want make a button a 1/3 of the current size? Thats easy just use formulas in the width/height […]