SVGZ: The Ultimate Guide to SVGZ File Formats

Even though there are numerous file formats, SVG images are rare. The common files you’ll see are PNG, JPEG, or GIF formats. Have you come across a Scalable Vector Graphic zipped file (SVGZ)? It is a unique file format that gives you images that you can scale to any resolution. The file format, therefore, is suitable for web design. If you are wondering what an SVGZ file is and how to open it, here is more information about this unique file format.

What is an SVGZ file?

SVG is full for Scalable Vector Graphics. It is an application of the extensible Markup Language (XML). You can view SVG files using applications that can read XML. Scalable Vector Graphics are a unique image format since they don’t use pixels for images but use vector data. You can get images that you can scale up to any resolution, which makes it excellent for web design. SVG files can be scaled to different sizes without them losing quality. It’s for this reason why most printed graphics and websites are built in the SVG format.

The .svgz extension is the reduced version of the Scalable Vector Graphics (.SVG) file. The z in the extension means zipped to indicate the file has been compressed. The file format is zipped with gzip and has data in XML format. The SVGZ files support filters, animations, gradients, and transparency. The compressed files are about 50 to 80% smaller in size compared to normal .svg files.

Are SVGZ files dangerous?

Even though SVGZ offers benefits over raster-based images, they can still be dangerous. The danger of SVG files is that it is XML that can have embedded JavaScript and CSS. Web browsers run JavaScript embedded in SVG files. If the script contains malicious code, it will put your computer at risk. However, if you use the SVG file yourself and do not put in any malicious scripts, then it will be safe to use.

How to open an SVGZ file

You can open an SVG file using browsers like Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Chrome.  You can open the SVG files online without downloading them first. If you already have an SVG file on your computer, you can still use the web browser offline. Go to the browser’s open option or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O to open your SVG file.

You’ll need a compatible program with the specific file you want to open. One program you can use is the Gravit Designer. The free program allows you to download and open SVG files.  Here is how to open SVG files with Gravit Designer.

  • Go to “file”, then choose “open file” or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + O.
  • The file will open in a new document.
  • Once you are done editing your SVG file, you cannot write the changes in the same file. You’ll have to export the file to rewrite it or save the file in another file format.

If you don’t have software, then you’ll get the message “how do you want to open this file?” or “Windows cannot open this file” alert. If you are unable to open your SVGZ file correctly, right-click on the file or long-press it. Click” Open with” and choose your preferred application. You also have the option to display the SVGZ file directly on your browser. 


The challenge with SVG files comes with choosing the images to convert to the file format or designing the SVG from scratch. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools at your disposal. With the right tools, you can create, convert, and open SVGZ files. 

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